COVID-19 Information Bulletin #6  (July 8, 2020)

Operational Mode –   TN State of Emergency per Governor Executive Order No. 50 (through August 29)

                                                Electronic/Virtual Public Meetings through Aug. 29 Per Governor Executive Order No. 51

                                    City of Norris – Emergency Conditions - Full Staff – Full Essential Function


1.       Maintaining Social Distance for the Public and City Staff to maintain essential functions. 

·         Public interaction - less than 5 minutes, greater than 6’.

·         Those in a high-risk category should limit public contact as much as possible.

·         Personal face masks in public (enclosed space) settings may provide added protection when distancing rules cannot be consistently applied. Caution: Long term use of N95 masks can limit air flow and affect blood oxygen levels.  The effect can be greater for people with compromised respiratory systems. Only cloth or paper masks are recommended for the general public. Consult with your personal physician regarding mask use if you have a chronic respiratory illness.

·         Personal face masks should fit without frequent adjustment.  Frequent touching of the mask and your face increases your exposure risk.

·         Personal face masks should be stored in a clean location when not in use.  Wearing the mask on your chin or neck increases the exposure risk when the mask is placed back on your face.

·         Entry into enclosed spaces: restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, etc. involves a higher virus communication risk than open air spaces.  Personal Face Masks are encouraged while in these areas when distancing rules cannot be consistently applied.

·         Direct Contact Public Surfaces: door handles, countertops, chairs, cash money, etc.. Can have surface contamination.  Hand decontamination practices should be applied prior to touching other common surfaces and especially the face or food/drink being consumed.  Gloves do not provide added protection if not correctly removed and hands are not washed after use.


2.       Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

·         Recreation is important for physical and mental health.

·         Meals- nutrition helps with overall health and resistance to illnesses such as COVID-19

·         Continue Doctor Visits for critical health issues such as cardio vascular/heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, etc.…  Any untreated disease that has a high mortality rate should be addressed with your doctor before an emergency room visit is needed.

·         Manage Stress – Understand and Use your Coping Mechanisms / Respect and Support Others.


3.       City Facility Status    City Office Hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:30) City office Phone 865.494.7645

City Office – Operational with Staff Only Access

Police/Fire – Operational with Lobby Only Public Access

Public Works/Animal Shelter – Operational with Staff Only Access

Water/Sewer – Operational with Staff Only Access

Parks – (Picnic Areas, Play Structures- Direct Contact Areas CLOSED)

Tennis Courts OPEN with Occupancy Limit – No other activities are permitted at that location

Rifle Range OPEN

Norris Dam State Park OPEN

Lower Clear Creek Road OPEN

TVA Public Areas OPEN Unless otherwise posted - Songbird Trail is OPEN

Greenways, Sidewalks, Footpaths, OPEN with Social Distancing Rules Applied

The Norris Museum and Recreation Room – CLOSED

The Norris Library is OPEN with Restricted Access

Lions Club Pavilion – CLOSED

High Point, Foresters, Boundary and Red Hill Trails remain CLOSED due to earlier rain damage.

Single Track and Double Track Trails are OPEN to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikes per existing distancing rules including parking.