Norris Woman's Club

In addition to regular monthly meetings held on the third Thursday of every month, NWC also sponsors both a literary group and an arts/crafts/garden group, both of which meeting monthly.  
The literary group, currently chaired by Katherine Smith, meets every first Thursday at 10:00 am. Members take turns reviewing a current book at meetings held in participants’ homes. Email Katherine [ ] for more information. 
The Arts/Crafts/Garden group is co-chaired by Barbara Dyer, Kim Hill,  and Cynthia Edrington, and meets on second Tuesdays.  Email Barbara ( or Cynthia ( for more information.               
Membership in NWC offers women the opportunity to enjoy the friendship and common goals of their neighbors and to make a difference in the community. Dues are $20 a year. President Pam Turner [email: ] will be happy to discuss Norris Woman’s Club with you.

Norris Woman’s Club was organized in 1958 by 77 charter members. The group raises funds annually to support local charities, the nearby Appalachian Arts craft center, and to provide a college scholarship for a graduating Anderson County High School girl who has also attended Norris Middle School.

NWC’S monthly meetings, with the exceptions of the Christmas brunch and May luncheon, will be held at the Norris Community Building at 1:00 pm and are open to everyone.