Norris Water Commission
Water and Sewer Adjustment Policy

Adopted by NWC 1/20/15 & Approved by City Council 2/9/15



The Norris Water Commission, may at its option, make adjustment to unusually high water and sewer bills caused by excessive water use attributable to water leaks.   A leak adjustment will not be given for unusual usage due to leaking commodes, dripping or running indoor or outdoor faucets, malfunctioning appliances, and similar situations.  

Excessive water is defined as:   

  • Usage equal to greater than twice the *average monthly consumption by the requesting customer (account holder) caused by a detectable leak confirmed by Norris Water Commission and/or **documentation showing leak has been repaired. 

*Average monthly consumption shall be determined using the average of the previous 12 months before the leak.  If the customer does not have 12 months previous bills, then an average of the total bills shown on the history before the leak will be used to determine the average monthly consumption. 

**Customer must submit a signed Norris Water Commission Water Adjustment Request Form along with documentation from a plumber noting there was a leak and it has been repaired or statement and invoice of materials purchased to repair leak. 



  • The leak must have been non-preventable and located in the service line on the customer's side of the meter.  A leak adjustment may be granted whether the leak occurred inside or outside of the building being served.

  • Leaking commodes, dripping/running faucets, malfunctioning appliances, and similar situations shall not constitute leaks which entitle the customer to a recalculated bill.
  • Within thirty (30) days following discovery of the leak by the customer or the Norris Water Commission, the customer must make a written request to Norris Water Commission for a leak adjustment using the form provided by Norris Water Commission. 


If it is determined by Norris Water Commission that an adjustment is warranted, an adjustment to the customer's bill will be made as follows: 

  1. Norris Water Commission will determine the average monthly consumption as defined above.

  2. Excess billing for water above the average monthly bill will be adjusted by 50%.  (The customer will pay the average monthly bill plus 50% of the excessive billing for water.)
  3. If it is determined to the satisfaction of NWC that the excess water did not enter the sewer system, a 100% adjustment for sewer will be made for any excess billing above the average monthly sewer bill.

  4. If it is determined that the excess water entered the sewer system or evidence is not sufficient to determine that it did not enter the sewer system, 50% of the excessive billing for sewer above the average monthly sewer will be adjusted. On bills that are approved for a leak adjustment, all penalty charges will still apply.

  5. The maximum number of adjustments allowed per customer in a twelve month period is one (l). 

  6. All water and sewer adjustments must have the approval of the Norris Water Superintendent or City Recorder.

  7. Any exception(s) to the above Water and Sewer Adjustment Policy requires the approval of the Norris Water Commission.