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Pet Licensing Requirements
(1) Every dog and cat over six months of age having been kept within the corporate limits of the City of Norris at least thirty (30) days shall be required to be registered with the city, however, dogs and cats that have proof of a microchip shall not be required to have a city license.

(2) Registration shall consist of a certificate and microchip or license tag and shall be issued and sold by the city manager and local veterinarians as designated by the city manager only after the owner presents satisfactory proof that the dog or cat has received, from a licensed veterinarian, an anti-rabies inoculation pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, §§ 68-8-101 through 68-8-113. Each owner shall be provided with a microchip or suitable metal or permanent type tag as well as a certificate and receipt for the registration fee. Said tag shall bear the name of the City of Norris and a serial number.

(3) The certificate issued with each license tag shall contain the following information concerning the dog or cat:

(a) Owners name, address, and telephone number.

(b) Breed.

(c) Sex.

(d) Age.

(e) Color.

(f) Markings.

(g) Name.

(f) Microchip or license tag number.

A copy of each per numbered certificate shall be retained by the city manager. The veterinarian issuing licenses shall within ten (10) days furnish the city manager with a copy of the issued license.

(4) If not microchipped, the license tag shall be securely fastened upon a collar which shall be kept on the dog or cat at all times, and any dog or cat not microchipped and not bearing a license tag shall be deemed to be unlicensed.

(5) In case of the loss of a duly issued dog or cat license tag, the owner shall immediately report the loss to the city manager who shall issue a duplicate or replacement tag.

(6) New residents whose pets are already microchipped must show proof of updated contact information on microchip registration.

(7) Exemptions from registration may be made for dogs and cats temporarily fostered through a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization with proof of foster documentation and rabies inoculation from the shelter or rescue.


Seizure and redemption of dogs and cats generally.

(1) The animal control officer shall be primarily responsible for seizing any stray or vicious dog or cat in the city or any dog or cat found at large in violation of this chapter.

(2) Dogs and cats so seized shall be detained in Norris for at least three working days, after which the animal becomes sole property of the City of Norris.

(3) If properly microchipped or licensed (or there are other means to identify the resident owner), the owner shall be notified upon intake and given seven business days to redeem the animal. Redemption fees will be in accordance with the policies established by city council under "animal control fees." If the animal is not claimed by the identified owner after seven business days, the animal shall become the sole property of the City of Norris.

(4) Seized animals whose owners cannot be reasonably identified will be held in Norris for at least seven business days and be made available for adoption thereafter.

(5) Upon redemption by an identified owner, proof of current rabies vaccination must be shown and residents of Norris must show proof of microchip or tag, or obtain same prior to the release of the animal.

(6) Dogs and cats detained in the shelter for 30 days may be transferred to another area shelter.

(7) When the animal control officer is off-duty the public safety officer on duty shall respond to complaints of vicious or rabid animals and take appropriate action.

(8) The animal control officer shall perform his duties in compliance with the job description provided by the city manager and approved by city council. (1972 Code, § 3-205)


Spay, neuter law enacted.

(1) Every dog or cat adopted from the city animal control must have been spayed or neutered, subject to available funding, or new owner must alter animal within 30 days of when the animal reaches 6 months of age.

(2) A deposit is required to ensure that the new owner of an animal under 6 months of age spays or neuters the animal within 30 days of the animal reaching 6 months of age. See current fee schedule for deposit amount.

(3) The deposit will be refunded when the owner presents proof of spay or neuter.

(4) The City of Norris will retain the deposit if the owner fails to have the animal neutered or fails to request return of the deposit within 10 days after the neutering was required to be done.


Intake protocol and veterinary care timeline for detained dogs and cats.        

(1) At intake, an intake form detailing the animal's condition and circumstances of detainment shall be completed. This form will include date, location of pickup, contact information for the person(s) who picked up, and any identifying features of the animal. Copies of said intake form will be provided to the City Office, Public Works, and Public Safety, as well as being located in the shelter for volunteer use.

(2) As soon as reasonably possible upon intake, flea/tick and worming medications shall be given appropriate to species and size/weight. Medications will be kept available in the shelter and provided by a Public Works employee or shelter volunteer.

(3) At the end of the legal 72 hour stray hold, the animal shall receive a well check and any basic testing and preliminary vaccinations recommended and provided by a licensed veterinarian, subject to funding availability. Extension provisions may be made in the event of weekends and holidays. All veterinary care shall be approved by City Manager or Public Works Director via signature on the animal's kennel form prior to care being provided.

(4) Unless age or veterinarian recommendations preclude it, any animal residing in the shelter longer than 21 days shall be spayed or neutered, subject to funding availability, regardless of adoption status. Any animal adopted prior to 21 days in residence shall be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter in accordance with 10-204. Spay or neuter shall be approved by City Manager or Public Works Director via signature on the animal's kennel form prior to an animal being altered.


(1) Adoption of animals shall take place on a first come, first serve basis. No animal may be held without a formal adoption in place.

(2) All adoptions shall be final and no guarantees made as to the health or history of the animal.
(3) The city assumes no liability or financial responsibility for vetting or ownership costs after an adoption is finalized. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis and only with approval by Public Works Director or City Manager.

Adoption fee: Donation*

*Animals under six months of age that have not been spayed or neutered require a $25 refundable deposit. Refund shall be issued by city upon completion and proof of spay or neuter within 30 days of six month threshold.

Lifetime registration: $5 per animal

City pickup fee for loose animals: $25 per animal

City boarding fee for animals held at shelter facility: $7 per day, per animal

Leash Law

10-208. Dogs and cats running at large is prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow a dog or cat belonging to him, or under his control, or that may be habitually found on premises occupied by him, or immediately under his control, to be at large (see 10-201(4) for definition of "at large") upon the premises of another, or upon a highway or upon a public road or street.

The foregoing shall not apply to a dog in that section of the City of Norris north of Clear Creek Road from the point of intersection of Norris Dam Reservation to the point where this road intersects the corporate boundary line north of the junction of the Clear Creek Road and Andersonville Road (hunting or chasing is prohibited in all other areas of the city designated as a wildlife sanctuary by title 10, § 10-101). (1972 Code, § 3-208)