Carson Brewer Trail

By Joe Feeman 

The Carson Brewer Trail is a handicap accessible trail that is located just below the top of Reservoir Hill on the right. It is a 0.2 mile trail that is paved and has no more that a five percent grade, making it ideal for wheel chairs, walkers, and other assisted walking apparatus'. The trail goes through a nice stand of large oaks, hickories, and yellow poplar. There are also some large shortleaf pines mixed in the hardwood, which probably exceed 150 years old. About halfway around the loop there is a picnic shelter which was originally constructed by the CCC's for the residents of Norris.  The shelter is a typical post and round beam shelter with a water fountain and spigot, which has a bowl on the ground for dogs. A large, paved parking area serves the trail and can be used as an access to other watershed trails. You won't find a more serene trail with handicap access in the area than this one. There are some very nice trees along the trail and it is a very peaceful path. The trail starts from one end of the parking area and ends at the far corner.


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