Joe's Trail 1

(Belmont Trail / Boundary Trail Connector)

 By Joe Feeman

Joe's Trail 1 connects Belmont Trail and Boundary Trail. It is 0.6 miles in length and is open to foot traffic only (red trail). The forest along this trail is large upland hardwood, dominated by black and white oak, red maple, hickories, and yellow poplar. Following an old logging road which begins off Belmont Trail (a single metal post is in the center of the trail), just above the junction with Upper Clear Creek Road, the trail parallels Upper Clear Creek Road for 0.4 miles to a small wildlife opening. The opening is mowed periodically and has scattered walnut trees and a small water hole. A new connector trail, which leads to Hi Point Trail at Upper Clear Creek Road, enters the opening from the left. Leaving the wildlife opening, the trail goes up the hollow to the right, and then turns up the hill to the left on a single track. As you climb, the trail switches back to the left and continues up a steady, but moderate slope. The trail makes a sweeping right hand curve before heading up a little steeper slope toward Boundary Trail. It reaches Boundary Trail 0.1 miles from Upper Clear Creek Road (to the left). 

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