Joe's Trail 2

(Red Hill Trail/Eli Nine Trail Connector)

 By Joe Feeman

This new connector trail is 0.4 miles in length and was constructed in 2011 to connect the White Oak Spring Trail and Eli Nine Trail (via a short walk on Red Hill Trail). The trail starts to the left, off Red Hill Trail, just down the hill from where White Oak Spring Trail meets Red Hill. (The start is about 0.1 miles up Red Hill Trail from Upper Clear Creek Road on the right.) Following an old farm road, the trail is next to an area that was most likely in row crops at the time of purchase. You will hike up this little flat hollow that is now occupied by yellow poplar, red maple, and red bud. On the left you will see old gullies that developed in what was a field prior to TVA purchase.  After 0.2 or so miles of winding up the bottom, the trail turns right, and then up a short, moderately steep slope onto a more obvious old road. Notice the forest you are entering is older, with white oaks, hickory, and red oaks. A little further up and you will see the Eli Nine sinkhole on the left. Continue on up the old road and you will connect with Eli Nine Sinkhole Trail, about 0.3 miles up from the parking area on Upper Clear Creek Road; if you turn left, Hi Point Trail is 0.5 miles. This short trail allows for many new loops as well. I recently started at Upper Clear Creek Road, up Eli Nine to Hi Point Trail and down to the old road to scenic cove (this road, which is barely noticeable, is to the left just before Mockingbird; most old timers around here remember the road which has since been closed by the park, but still makes a nice entrance to, or exit from, Lakeview Trail) and to Lakeview Trail, left back to Hi Point and down to White Pine, and then down to Clear Creek Trail, turning left up to Red Hill and down to the new trail and back to Eli Nine, right and back to my car. This nice little loop was about 5.5 miles.

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