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Click Here to Download Norris Recycle Guide

Think “Green”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Stop Litter

Reduce means to…

  • Look for brands that use less packaging

  • Avoid brands that do not use packaging that can be recycled

  • Cut back on purchasing things you really don’t need and/or will quickly throw away

  • Borrow, rent, share

Reuse means to…

  • Buy used items

  • Donate or sell versus throw away

  • Buy items that can be reused versus one-time use disposable items

  • Maintain and repair to delay the need to replace

Recycle means to…

  • Educate yourself on what’s recyclable and make the extra effort to do so

  • Look more closely at packaging before you purchase; avoid brands with wasteful or non-recyclable packaging

  • Chose brands of manufactured goods that use materials which will recycle when that item has reached the end of its useful life


Click Here to Download a Detailed
“City of Norris Recycle Guide” REVISED MAR. 2019
(This full color Tri-fold Brochure displays on screen as unfolded)


Definition of “Single Stream Recycling”:
Putting all goods to be recycled into a single curbside container which is taken back to the recycle processing center to be sorted back out into the component parts; sorting takes place by a combination of hand and machine sorting. The component parts then get sent off to the various purchasers of recycled goods.

The City of Norris contracts with Waste Connections of Tennessee who subcontracts with RockTenn and they use the “Single Stream Recycling” system.


Items to Recycle in “Blue Bin” at Curbside
Waste Connections of Tennessee picks up within the city limits of Norris the following from your blue bins when put out “at curbside”:

  • Paper: office paper (even with staples, but remove paperclips); file folders; colored paper; window envelopes; newspaper & advertising inserts; magazines; junk mail; phone books; paper bags; cereal boxes; toilet paper tubes; paper towel tubes

  • Corrugated Cardboard (flattened): pieces no bigger than a cereal box at curbside (take larger sheets to the City’s Recycle Yard, 125 Cedar Place)

  • Metal Cans (rinsed out): aluminum; steel
  • Plastics (rinsed out): plastic containers (OK to leave plastic caps on) codes #1 thru #7 (look for codes on the bottom of plastic containers); plastic CD cases 
  • NOTE: Any container made out of mixed materials like metal bottom & cardboard sides or paper sides & plastic top cannot be recycled unless you can separate these materials. If you cannot separate them, they must be thrown into the non-recycle trash.

Items That CANNOT be Recycled at CURBSIDE

  • No glass is accepted at curbside pickup; however, you CAN recycle clear, green and brown glass containers by taking them to the Norris City Recycle Center, 125 Cedar Place and put them into the sorted glass bin. All glass containers that are not clear, green or brown in color must be (put into trash) because those colors are not recyclable.

  • Plastic Container or Paper/Cardboard items that are soiled with food scraps (put into trash); The food contaminates the container.

  • Any coated paper that is bonded to foil or plastic unless you can easily tear it by hand (put into trash); Foil & plastic contaminate the paper.

  • Styrofoam of any kind; Foam trays (even those labeled with a #6 or #7) (put into trash); No companies are buying used Styrofoam to use in their manufacturing process.

  • Juice boxes/packs; Waxed cartons (put into trash); No companies are buying this material to use in their manufacturing process.

  • Ceramics; Pottery; Non-Container glass (like light bulbs, windows, dishes, etc.) (put into trash); No companies are buying this material to use in their manufacturing process.

  • Plastic grocery bags; Shrink wrap; Dry cleaner bags (plastic grocery bags CAN BE recycled at bins located outside most major grocery chain stores; otherwise you MUST put into your trash); RockTenn who processes Waste Connections recycle does not have the equipment to handle plastic bags; they do not have a market for this material.

  • Scrap metal (take to Glen Alpine Convenience Center across from Anderson County High School); RockTenn, the company who handles our curbside recycling, only recycles metal cans. Scrap metal taken to Glen Alpine gets sent to local scrap metal dealers for processing.

  • Aerosol pressurized cans (put into trash)

  • Aluminum foil wrap (put into trash); Aluminum foil has a different melting temp than aluminum cans.

  • Corrugated cardboard bigger than a cereal box (take larger pieces to the Norris Recycle Yard, 125 Cedar Place); large pieces of cardboard put into your curbside pickup can plug up RockTenn's sorting equipment line.

  • Batteries – of any kind (put alkaline batteries in your trash, they no longer contain mercury; take all other batteries to Blockhouse Valley Center)

  • Electronics; Appliances (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

  • Paint and related products (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

  • Hazardous or Medical waste such as…

    • Household chemicals/cleaners, paints, strippers, polishes (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Home lawn and garden chemicals (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Automotive fluids (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Dry rechargeable batteries; Wet lead acid batteries (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Paint (oil-based only) (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

      • Latex paint can be safely disposed-of in regular trash if dried out; latex paint can be quickly dried out if mixed with kitty litter

    • Tires (with or without rims) (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Automotive oil/oil filters (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Auto antifreeze (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Major appliances (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

      • NOTE: Blockhouse Valley Center does no longer accepts dishwasher and small appliances like coffemakers, vacuums, etc.

    • Electronic equipment (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Scrap metal (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Fluorescent light tubes; Compact fluorescents lights (take to Blockhouse Valley Center); fluorescent lights contain toxic mercury which should NOT go into the landfill.

    • Empty containers that once held hazardous materials (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Compressed gas containers (empty) (take to Blockhouse Valley Center)

    • Medical – needles, sharps, medications (Needles can be put into red medical sharps container or a two litter bottle with the lids affixed and placed in your trash container.

    • Outdated or unused Medications should be taken to the Norris Police Department DO NOT FLUSH MEDICATIONS DOWN THE TOILET. THIS POLLUTES THE GROUND WATER AND LAKES.

Anderson County Solid Waste Website


City of Norris Recycle Drop-off Center

125 Cedar Place, Norris, TN 37828

There are recycle bins located here just outside the Public Works maintenance yard; they are accessible 24 hours a day.

  • Glass - sorted by color (clear, green and brown glass only; all other colors such as blue, red, purple, etc. must be put into your trash)

  • Corrugated cardboard - broken down, i.e., flattened

  • Use oil recycle container

Blockhouse Valley Center (Recycle/Disposal) 

1480 Blockhouse Valley Road, Clinton, TN  37716
(865) 463-6870;  (865) 256-1906


Hours of operation:

  • Wednesdays, 8am to 4pm
  • Saturdays, 1st and 3rd Saturdays; 8am to 1pm

Glen Alpine Convenience Center (Recycle)
901 Sinking Springs Road, Clinton, TN 37716
(Located directly across from Anderson County High School)
(865) 457-4684

Hours of operation: Monday thru Saturday 7am – 6pm