WHEREAS, Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 13-7-201 through 13-7-210 has delegated the responsibility to municipalities to adopt regulations designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of its citizenry; and


WHEREAS, pursuant to the Tennessee Code Annotated, this amendment to the Norris Zoning Ordinance has been reviewed and recommended by the Norris Municipal Planning Commission, and


WHEREAS, The City Council of the City of Norris concurs with the recommendation of the planning commission and has held a public hearing pursuant to the municipal code of the City of Norris;


NOW THERERORE BE IT ORDAINED that the City of Norris Zoning Ordinance be amended as herein contained:



            Section 1.  That Section 14-411. Signs and Other Advertising Structures, Subsection 1.a. be deleted and replaced by the following:

a.         No sign shall be erected or maintained where, by reason of its position, wording, illumination, size, shape, or color, it may obstruct, impair, obscure, interfere with the view of, or be confused with, any authorized traffic control sign, signal, or device.  In the C-1, Central Commercial District and the C-2, General Commercial District, internally illuminated signs and externally-lit signs shall be permitted.  No internally-lit signs are permitted in the S-1, Scenic Highway District.  For externally-illuminated signs, any light sources shall be shaded, shielded, or directed so that no direct rays or glare emanating from the light source are visible from any public right-of-way or abutting property. Refer to Subsection 5 for additional requirements on signage in the C-2 district.

Section 2.  That Section 14-411. Subsections Six (6), Seven (7), and Eight (8), shall be renumbered Seven (7), and Eight (8), and Nine (9), and that the following subsection be inserted as Subsection Six (6) to read as follows:

6.         In the S-1 (Scenic Highway) District the following regulations shall apply:

a.         Not more than two (2) signs allowed, based on the standards specified below: 

i.          Although a total of two (2) signs shall be permitted, only one sign may be freestanding. 

ii.          For any freestanding signs, the allowed sign area shall be limited to fifty (50) square feet.  For multiple tenant signs, the allowed sign area shall be limited to a total of sixty (60) square feet.  In addition, the structure of a freestanding sign serving a single tenant business shall be limited to a maximum height of eight (8) feet.  The structure of a freestanding sign serving a multiple tenant business shall be limited to a maximum height of ten (10) feet.  No internally-lit signs are permitted in the S-1, Scenic Highway District.  

iii.         For any sign attached to a building, the allowed sign area shall not exceed one (1) square foot per one (1) linear foot of building frontage adjoining a street or road (up to 50 square feet).

iv.          Monument type detached signs:  If a monument type detached sign is employed, a twenty-five (25) percent increase in the permitted attached sign area shall be allowed. For the purpose of this ordinance, a monument sign shall be limited to six (6) feet in height and not more than sixty (60) square feet and incorporated within a landscaped area. 

b.         All signs in the S-1 District are encouraged to be consistent with the historic character of the community.


Section 3.   This ordinance shall take effect fifteen days after its final passage and required public hearing, the welfare of the City of Norris requiring it.



                                                            Passed First Reading 9/14/2009

    Public Hearing   10/6/2009

                                                            Passed Second Reading  10/12/2009   

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