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WHEREAS, municipalities have the responsibility to adopt regulations designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of its citizenry; and


WHEREAS, the Norris Municipal Planning Commission aims to clarify language to the newly-created S-1 Scenic Highway Zoning District which became a part of the Norris Zoning Ordinance on July 13, 2009, and


WHEREAS, pursuant to the Tennessee Code Annotated, this amendment to the Norris Zoning Ordinance has been reviewed and recommended by the Norris Municipal Planning Commission, and


WHEREAS, The City Council of the City of Norris concurs with the recommendation of the planning commission and has held a public hearing pursuant to the municipal code of the City of Norris;


NOW THERERORE BE IT ORDAINED that the City of Norris Zoning Ordinance be amended as herein contained that:


 Section 1.   Chapter 3, Zoning Districts, Subsection 14-314 S-1 Scenic Highway District, shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: 


14-314.  S-1 - Scenic Highway DistrictThe intent of this district is to encourage the development of museums, cultural centers, businesses, offices, retail, and mixed-use residential and commercial establishments that support and preserve the natural beauty of the area.  Within the Scenic Highway district, the following regulations shall apply:

1.         Permitted Uses.

a.        Residential dwellings, only when associated with another use permitted in the district, conforming to the following conditions:

i.                     Dwelling units must be located on the same lot as another permitted use or establishment.  [Removed PUD language]

ii.                   All sections of any building proposed to include both residential and non-residential uses must meet the requirements of any applicable city codes or regulations, and the standards of the State Fire Marshall's Office.

iii.                  Adequate parking must be provided for both commercial activities and residential uses.

iv.                 Residential dwelling must be subordinate in size to the primary permitted use of the property.

b.    Churches and places of worship.

c.     Professional business and governmental business offices.

d.       Financial institutions and offices, including offices devoted to various professional practices.

e.       Educational facilities.

f.        Places for public assembly, civic facilities, such as government and municipal services.

g.       Cultural Centers or Museums.

h.       Greenhouses devoted to horticulture or floriculture.

i.         Public buildings and lands.

j.         On-premises outdoor advertising signs as regulated in Section 14-411.

2.         Special Exceptions.   Not applicable in the district.

3.         Height Regulations.  No building shall exceed three (3) stories or thirty-five (35) feet in height except as provided in Section 14-505.

4.         Lot and Area Regulations.  The principal structure shall be located so as to comply with the following requirements:

a.             Minimum lot area..........................................23,000 sq. ft.

b.             Minimum lot width at building line..............................100 ft.

                        c.         Minimum building setback, front..................................30 ft.

                        d.         Minimum building setback, rear....................................25 ft.

                        e.         Minimum building setback, side....................................25 ft.



5.         Location of Accessory Structures.

a.         No accessory or subordinate structure shall be erected in any front or side yard.  Accessory or subordinate structures shall be at least twenty-five (25) feet from all lot lines and from any other building on the same lot.

b.         Accessory or subordinate structures on corner lots shall conform to front yard setback for both intersecting streets.

6.         Off-Street Parking.  As regulated in Section 14-405.

7.         Side Building Setback Line on Corner Lots.  The minimum width of building setback along an intersecting street shall be twenty (20) feet.

8.         Building Area.  On any lot the area occupied by all buildings, including accessory buildings shall not exceed 40 percent of the total area of such lot.

9.         Standards for Buffer Zones.  S-1 zoned property shall be subject to the provisions for buffer zones in section 14-417.  

10.        Landscape and Screening Requirements.  All S-1 zoned property is subject to the provisions in section 14-420 except that the required buffer area which extends the entire frontage of the lot along a public road and which is to be reserved for landscaping purposes shall be at least thirty (30) feet in depth. 




Section 2.   This ordinance shall take effect immediately after its final passage and required public hearing, the welfare of the City of Norris requiring it.





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