Norris City Council


Monday December 13, 2010





Gene Oates stated concerns on Ridgeway, construction trailer on side of road. 


1.  Council Member Loy Johnson moved to accept the Council Minutes from November 8, 2010 for the Public Hearing and Council meeting as written with exception of the amended changes mentioned.    Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.



City Manager presented to the City Council the oath of office to Council Member Jack Black, Loy Johnson, and Joy Wilson. 

2. Chris Mitchell was elected as Mayor on a motion by Mr. Mariner, seconded by Mr. Black that passed unanimously, with Mr. Mitchell abstaining. 

3. Mr. Mariner was then elected as Vice-Mayor on a motion by Mr. Black, seconded by Ms. Wilson that passed unanimously, with Mr. Mariner abstaining. 

4. Council Member Chris Mitchell made a motion to appoint Brad Hodge and Eric Rauch for City Judges.  Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Motion carried by voice vote. 




Appointing Boards and Commission Vacancies


5.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to appoint Greyson Wilson to the animal commission board.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote with Ms. Wilson abstaining. 


6.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to appoint Chip Bailey to the community development board.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote. 


7.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to appoint C. A. Ridge to the planning commission board.  Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote. 


8.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to appoint Tommy Mariner to BZA.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Voting aye:  Chris Mitchell, Joy Wilson, Loy Johnson and Jack Black.  Tommy Mariner abstains.   Motion passes. 


There will be a re-posting for recycling position. 




Discussion was made on the new planning commission representative.  Loy Johnson would like to be on Planning Commission.  She feels that she would be a good candidate for the position because of the Real-estate field that she is in currently.   Jack Black would like to be Planning representative to continue work that has been started from the previous term.


9.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to appoint Jack Black for planning commission representative.  Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Voting aye:  Tommy Mariner, Chris Mitchell and Joy Wilson.  No: Loy Johnson.  Motion passes. 



Year to date expenditures are in line with the budget, with the exception of legal expenses associated with the annexation of property along Highway 61.  Revenues are on track thus far with State sales Tax and Local Option Sales Tax tracking to budget.  95% of property and personal property taxes were collected through November.


EECBG update.  Projects are being prepared for bid.  Target date for completing the Grant funded projects is June 30, 2011. 


TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant update.  Lowest bidder was BB Contracting of Knoxville coming in at $197,355. TDOT will review the bid for approval. 


LPRF Grant update.  The city has received a Local Parks & Recreation Funds grant in the amount of $18,500.  More details will be discussed in January. 


Christmas Lights update.  City is now responsible for installation of lights as well as the cost of the electricity to use the lights.  Donations are being accepted for this.

Request for Annexation.  City has received a request from Robert and Robin Sain to annex their property located at 169 Scruggs Cemetery Lane into the City.  An Annexation Study will be conducted with the help of the State Local Planning Office.  Once the feasibility of this has been examined, a Plan of Services will be developed. 


Annexation update.  An appeal was filed to the Court of Appeals, Eastern Division, Knoxville, TN.  This action does continue to delay the effective date of the recent Highway 61 annexation. 





Discussion was made on Consideration of Ordinance 523, Chickens in Residential Zones.  This item comes from Planning Commission without a recommendation.   Several people commentated on this item.  Gene Oates does not think it would be of best interest for Norris. Please bring to a close.  C. A. Ridge voted for no recommendation by planning, says that he is for this chicken ordinance.  Stephanie Whaley thanks everyone for doing this for her.  She met a lot of good people.  Planning has been very good.  It has been a great experience.  Research from planning has been great.  Bill Grieves has a history with agricultural...has people completed a cost analysis/research...chickens bring in more different types of predators...carries types of diseases...concerns with odor.   York Haverkamp is in support of chicken ordinance.   Paul Wolfe is in support of it...thinks it is a great idea for kid's education...does not think will have a problem in Norris.  Spencer Boardman appreciates for the ones that were for it and against it.  He voted no on planning...does not believe people would like it in their backyard.  We are going backwards being from a town.  It is going to be more problems in long run.  Jeff Merritt says it will devalue someone's property is not a need it is a is not going to help the town at all.  Joy Wilson concerned with property lines...people complaining...value of homes...lot of responsibility...though understands the educational purpose, since it does not create a hardship preventing the owning of chickens, considering overall do not recommend.  Joy Wilson has spoken with several people they either do not want chickens or do not care.  Jack Black says everyone has a valid point...hopeful neighbors would get along with neighbors...cannot report any problems with chickens from other city areas.  We allow more hazardous things than this ordinance.  Chris Mitchell says the style of city is just too complex...would not work well in city from statistics that he has seen.  Chris Mitchell asks to see who was for and who was against the Ordinance 523, for the Ordinance were four, against prior to vote audience and council, the Ordinance were nine. 


10.  Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to pass on 1st reading of Ordinance 523 to allow chickens in the FAR, R-1, and R-2 zoning district.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Voting aye:  Jack Black and Tommy Mariner.  No: Loy Johnson, Chris Mitchell and Joy Wilson.  Motion Failed.


Discussion was made on Reviewing of Draft Ordinance 524 Packaged Liquor Store.  Loy Johnson would like to recuse herself with this...will be a conflict of interest, due to having an interest of Liquor Store.  Tommy Mariner is against this Packaged Liquor Store.  Is not open minded but willing to listen. "This has changed the way Norris has been for the worse.  We have gone backwards instead of going forward."  Several issues were addressed on the ordinance for changes and City Manager will update, send to MTAS for review and report back next month to City Council. 


There were no questions or comments concerning Payables or Reports.


11.  Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote.  10:30pm.


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Tim Hester, City Manager                                                                        Joseph Taylor, City Recorder