Norris City Council
Monday, November 8, 2010



Patricia Halsey, Librarian of Norris Library, invited the residents of Norris to an event sponsored by the museum and area libraries for the State of Tennessee archives; they are looking for Civil War memorabilia owned by area families. Owners will keep their memorabilia; the items will be scanned as digital images.  They will be at the Museum of Appalachia on December 9th from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The library has a brochure with all the information. 

Ed McEleney asked when the city was going to do something about all the junk (trailer, junk cars) at a residence on West Circle Road; it's a real eye sore in Mr. McEleney's opinion.

C. A. Ridge, reporting for the Planning Commission, they do not have the revision of the zoning ordinance to allow for chickens in certain residential areas of the city.   They held a workshop meeting on Monday Nov. 1, 2010 that went very well. They had a vote but there was confusion on the number of votes required to pass, they have this straighten out and will take another vote at the next meeting. Comment from audience, Council Member Jack Black did a power point presentation at the workshop that was done very well.

Phyllis Helton stated she does not want chickens near her house.

George Miceli reporting for the Recycling Commission, George passed out to each of the Council Members the revised Recycling Guide. It has everything you need to know about recycling. The Boy Scouts will be leaving a recycling brochure at each home when they do their annual food collection.


Council Member Jack Black moved to approve the Council Minutes from October 11, 2010 as written.    Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Motion carried by voice vote.


  • 1. Draft survey for speed controls. A short survey can be put on the water bills. 25 letters per line up to 3 lines, however, the portion of the bill with the question is not the part of the bill that is returned when paying their bill. Council Member Chris Mitchell asked if there would be a cost? City Manager Tim Hester answered "No". Council Member Loy Johnson makes a motion to put the survey on the water bills "Is speeding an issue in Norris? Where? Seconded by Council Member Jack Black. Voted aye: Jack Black, Loy Johnson, Joy Wilson and Chris Mitchell. Opposed: Tommy Mariner. Motion passes. Council Member Tommy Mariner stated that on November 20th he will be down at the Town Center surveying the people.
  • 2. Ordinance 520, Definitions for Front, Side & Rear Setbacks, Second reading. Adopted on the first reading on October 11, Public Hearing was this evening. Public comment was from George Miceli, he liked the ordinance. Council Member Joy Wilson motioned to adopt on second reading, Jack Black second. Discussion: Council Member Tommy Mariner stated that he is not really in favor of this ordinance because he doesn't see where it is necessary. City Manager Tim Hester explained that the current ordinance does not define what a yard is (i.e. chicken's in backyard). Motion carries by voice vote.
  • 3. Ordinance 521, Definition and Regulation of Adult Oriented Businesses to the Industrial Zoning District. First reading adopted October 11, Public Hearing was this evening and the only comment was from George Miceli, he liked the ordinance. Reason for this ordinance is; in the State of Tennessee a city can not ban such business, so by adopting this ordinance we will be protecting our downtown and Hwy 61. Council Member Joy Wilson makes a motion to adopt this ordinance, Council Member Loy Johnson seconds. Discussion: Where in town could one be put? Sawmill Road in the industrial park. Motion carries by voice vote.
  • 4. Ordinance 522, Increase membership of Animal Shelter Commission from 4 to 7 members. First reading adopted October 11th; no Public Hearing was required for this ordinance. Council Member Loy Johnson makes a motion to adopt this ordinance, second by Council Member Joy Wilson. Discussion: Council Member Tommy Mariner abstained from the vote. Motion carries by voice vote.
  • 5. Board and Commission vacancies. Planning Commission, Board of Appeals & Zoning and Recycle Commission having openings. Interested party need to notify the Major through the city office. City Manager Tim Hester will post the openings. Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to fill two vacancies on the Animal Commission, Emmalee Mariner and Sawyer Daub. Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. Motion passes by voice vote.


  • 1. Year to date expenditures are in line with the budget, with the exception of legal expenses associated with the annexation of property along Highway 61. Revenues are on track thus far with State Sales Tax and Local Option Sales Tax tracking to budget. 92% of property and personal property taxes were collected through October (this is on pace to last year's collections).
  • 2. Property tax collections; Late Notices. Letters were sent to all delinquent property owners on November 1st. Delinquent accounts have been notified of the penalty schedule and that a list of those delinquent as of January 1, 2011 will be published in the local newspapers.
  • 3. EECBG update. We have now received the approval documents from the Energy Policy Office and can proceed with work. We are preparing projects for bid. We expect to solicit bids for work within the next 1-2 weeks. Target date for completing the Grant funded project is June 30, 2011.
  • 4. TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant update. We received TDOT approval to proceed with the construction phase on October 5th. The planned date for opening bids will be November 17th. Once a successful bidder is identified, TDOT will review the bid for approval to proceed with awarding a contract.
  • 5. LPRF Grant. The City has received a Local Parks & Recreation Funds Grant in the amount of $18.500. This money will be used in partnership with Camelot Schools to fund playground equipment near the school. A public meeting on this project is required. The LPRF Grant is for the specific location.

Pete Sexton, who lives near the school, stated that he was opposed to the city putting a playground across the road from Camelot School. He has safety concerns for his children. Doris Pace stated that she lives near the school and that the school does not cooperate with the neighborhood concerns.

  • 6. Annexation Update. An appeal was filed to the Court of Appeals, Eastern Division, Knoxville, TN. This action does continue to delay the effective date of the recent Highway 61 annexation. Additional updates will be provided when more information is available regarding the timing of the appeal.
  • 7. Election/Start of New Term. The municipal election occurred on November 2nd, and the current Council has been re-elected. Congratulations! Per the revised City Charter, Council Members shall take office at the beginning of the first regularly scheduled meeting following certification of election results. Certification is expected to occur prior to the December 13th meeting of Council.


  • 1. Package Store Referendum. MTAS will have a training workshop for the Council, public is also welcome. Council can do nothing until the referendum is certified. Council will have to enact an ordinance that allows package stores. There are certain guidelines that require us to act within so many days of the election. November 22nd will be the MTAS workshop beginning at 5:30 p.m. Most guideline are set forth by the state, the city can regulate where the stores can be located.

BILL PAYABLE - No discussion.


  • 2. City Manager Hester wants to commend Officer Cuel for a job well done, while off duty, he apprehended a burglar at G. T. Tire on Hwy 61. David Bailey Public Works employee who was injured on the job is doing well.
  • 3. Leaf Pickup Schedule. Beginning first week of November ending the first full week of January 2011. Leaves need to be free of debris and raked out of the street, sidewalk and ditch.
  • 4. Council Member Joy Wilson moved to adjourn. Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner. Motion carried by voice vote. 8:15 p.m.

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Tim Hester, City Manager                                       Leanne Eldred, Records Clerk

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