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Monday July 12, 2010 



Jeff Merritt asked if anyone knew what the Norris Annual Winterfest was, and who was sponsoring the event, as fliers had been seen around town but no one seems to know the origin.   No one present knew, and Mr. Hester confirmed that it was not a City sponsored event and that no one had reserved City space for it as of this time. CA Ridge commented on the Council workshop regarding speed controls, specifically to follow up that according to residents of Dairy Pond Rd. he had spoken to, the biggest concern was the speed of large trucks.  Mr. Ridge asked if speed tables could be used to help encourage truckers to use an alternate route.  Mr. Mitchell replied that the topic was still under consideration and there should be other opportunities for public comment in the future. Mr. Ridge also reported that the Planning Commission was working deliberately on the question of whether or not to allow chickens in additional residential zones in Norris.   Planning is working on a draft ordinance and intends to conduct a Public Workshop to discuss.
 MINUTES June 14, 2010 Council Meeting and July 1, 2010 Council Workshop

1.  Mr. Mariner moved to approve the June 14 Council meeting minutes as amended; seconded by Ms. Johnson.   Motion passed on voice vote.

Discussion ensued regarding the July 1 Council workshop.  Mr. Mariner reported that he had contacted companies that conduct speed surveillance, i.e. speed cameras, and that these companies are for profit operations that typically share revenue with the cities they contract with.   Speed cameras are legal under Tennessee State Law.  Mr. Mariner outlined the basic steps that a surveillance company would take:1.        Conduct traffic counts2.        Select installation sites3.        Implement (signage would be required to alert drivers to a speed camera zone)Mr. Mitchell asked if we want to proceed prior to gathering more information from Norris citizens.  Ms. Johnson replied why not?  She thought it was a good idea.Mr. Mitchell stated that we should only pursue if the majority of the people on a street thought better speed control was needed, and that proceeding too quickly might appear as insensitive.  Mr. Mariner noted that public opinion was split 50/50 at the recent workshop and that this had also been the trend when this topic had been discussed over the past 10 years.Mr. Black reported that small sections of speed tables could be obtained for $84 if we wanted to host a demonstration to the community on the use of the speed tables.Discussion ensued regarding a survey of Norris residents on whether or not speeding in Norris is an issue and what controls might be put in place to better control speeding.   Mr. Hester volunteered to draft a survey for Council to review, and Council agreed that this would be a good next step.

2.  Mr. Mariner moved to approve the July 1 workshop minutes as written; seconded by Mr. Black.   Motion passed on voice vote.

City Boards and Commissions vacancies/terms.   Mr. Mitchell presented these candidates for open positions that had been advertised:                           i.      Tree Commission – Roger Bollinger                          ii.      Library Commission – Roger Bollinger                        iii.      Norris Water Commission – Dean Harshbarger

3.  Mr. Black moved to approve the nominations as presented; seconded by Mr. Mariner.   Motion passed on voice vote.

Mr. Mitchell also noted the vacancy on the Planning Commission due to the untimely death of Dan Farmer.   The City will advertise this open position.   Those interested should contact the City Manager.
 Ordinance 519, amendment to school zone times, 2nd reading
4.  Ms. Wilson moved to approve the new school zone times on 2nd reading; seconded by Mr. Mariner.   Motion passed on voice vote.

Update on ownership/ROW: Section of old Highway 61, off Little Senator Drive

Mr. Hester reported that he had researched City records and met with TDOT officials.   Ownership of Old Highway 61 was inconclusive, but it was determined that the City of Norris ROW along Little Senator Drive did include the adjoining section of the old highway.  Because of this, City Council did have the authority to post controlling signage.  To address the concerns presented at the June Council meeting, it was suggested to post the entrance to the old highway as “City of Norris ROW – No Parking” and to post the adjoining section of Little Senator Drive westward to the creek as “Loading Zone – 30 minute parking.”Mr. Mitchell asked Mr. Fletcher if this action would satisfy his concerns.  Mr. Fletcher acknowledged that it would, and that now all he needed was a Norris address.Ms. Johnson expressed concerns that everyone needed an address.  Mr. Hester noted that Mr. Fletcher and others along Highway 61 have Clinton addresses for the purposes of US Postal delivery.   Mr. Hester explained that the address issue was a separate matter that needed to be addressed to the US Postal Service, and would need to be reviewed in more detail once the current annexation of property on Highway 61 had been completed.  
5.  Ms. Johnson moved to post the entrance to the old highway as “City of Norris ROW – No Parking” and to post the adjoining section of Little Senator Drive westward to the creek as “Loading Zone – 30 minute parking.”   Seconded by Ms. Wilson.   Motion passed on voice vote.
  1. 2009-2010 Year to Date (Estimated through June) Budget.  
    1. Revenue: while final numbers will not be posted for a few weeks, it is expected that revenue will fall short of budget by approximately $40,000.
    2. Expenditures: while final numbers will not be posted for a few weeks, it is expected that expenditures will be approximately $40,000 lower than budgeted.
Final numbers should be available in approximately 1 month.
  1. EECBG update.    The Energy Policy Office is in the final stages of getting the contracts out to the communities.     They plan to email them out in the next few weeks.  Once this is done, projects can commence.  There have been no additional updates from the State on timing for this grant.
Mr. Mariner asked about the status of the New Norris House.  Mr. Hester advised that this project was proceeding as a partnership between a local property owner and the University of Tennessee.   A site had been cleared on Oak Road and construction was pending, but had no construction permit had been applied for yet.
  1. City Council Election.   The first day to pick up petitions for the November Norris City Council Election was May 21st.   The qualifying deadline date is Thursday, August 19th at noon. Once a candidate picks up their petition, they will need to get at least 25 signatures of qualified Norris voters and file by the Aug. 19th deadline. Questions can be addressed to Stephanie Gamble at the Anderson County Election Commission.   
  2. TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant update.   The preliminary engineering report has been under review by TDOT.  Final documents for the project have been submitted to TDOT and we expect that we will soon receive TDOT’s approval to bid the project.  In a meeting with TDOT on July 1, it was estimated that we should have approval to begin construction by the end of August.  
  3. Defibrillator Update.   An additional $500 for defibrillators has been donated by the Norris Red Hats.  This generous donation will be used in combination with the previous donation of $3,000 from the Norris Lions Club to purchase two units
  1. Annexation Update.    The Motion to Dismiss and/or for Summary Judgment is scheduled to be heard at 9:00am on Friday July 16, 2010 in the Circuit Court for Anderson County Tennessee.  
To date, Norris has received legal bills from the City Attorney for $4,380 that relate to the annexation suit.  The majority of this expense corresponds directly to the Motion to Dismiss and the research associated with it.   As information, the billing rate for the City Attorney is $175 per hour.   This expense has been paid from budgeted Legal & Professional funds within the 2009-10 budget. 
2010-11 Paving Plan for City Streets Mr. Hester presented the 2010-11 paving plan: to pave Norris Square and East Circle, plus designate $9,220 for street maintenance.Mr. Black asked if we could also quote speed tables or raised cross walks as part of the paving plan.Mr. Hester replied we could, but reminded Council that the extra expense was not recommended at this time.Council agreed that the cost for raised cross walks should be obtained and Mr. Hester agreed to do so.
6.  Mr. Mariner moved to approve the 2010-11 paving plan.   Seconded by Ms. Wilson.   Motion passed on voice vote. 
Discussion ensued on the condition of the town center sidewalk and clock.   These are both privately owned.   Mr. Hester agreed to speak to the owner on the condition of the property and the concerns expressed by Council on same.  Mr. Mitchell asked if the Trail Crew that had been working this summer in the watershed would be making a report to Council, as their work had been very good this year.   Mr. McEleney agreed that the crew was doing a great job.   Mr. Hester advised that this would be discussed in greater detail at the next Watershed Board meeting. Jeff Merritt asked about the air raid siren that used to be sounded at 6pm daily.  Could the old siren be fixed and used?  Mr. Mariner replied that this had been looked at about 3 years ago.   There would be a cost, but he would be in favor of it, as it would provide a warning system for residents in the event of an emergency.   It is also possible that a grant might pay for a new warning system.  Mr. Mitchell asked if Mr. Mariner would research this further and Mr. Mariner said that he would. 


No comments. 


Mr. Hester highlighted Chief Humphrey’s report on an increase in thefts from parked cars in the Norris area.  Mr. Hester suggested that valuables should not be left in plain sight in vehicles and vehicles should be secured, however progress was being made towards apprehending the suspect.   Mr. Hester also highlighted an increase in burglaries, and that 1 case had been resolved and another investigation was progressing with the help of TBI.   
Motion to adjourn by Mr. Mitchell and Seconded by Mr. Mariner.   Motion carried by voice vote.  Adjourned @ 8:35 pm                                                                                                                                                       ________________________________                                                                                           

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