Norris City CouncilMinutes
Monday May 10, 2010 


Guest speaker, Jim Hackworth State Representative, comes to thanks council for bringing back the City of Norris Charter.  The council will vote tonight on the City Charter to send back to the State for approval.  State Rep. Hackworth congratulates council on energy grant.  This is a very good and productive grant.  Encourages applying for grants that are out there.  State Rep.  Hackworth appreciates the community’s support.  If there is a need in the community State Rep. Hackworth is available for developing strategies to better help the people. City Manager Hester speaks on Tax Assessments.  The assessment went up about 30%.  The city will off set that by adjusting the tax rate.  If you have any questions pertaining to the tax assessment call the county property Assessors office.   This is who handles the assessment rates along with the State.  Fred Fields mentioned that he would like to see meals be delivered to the homes of elderly in need.  Make this not a non-for-profit but for profit organization, asking if council could help this need.  Mayor Mitchell suggested that this issue be followed up by Community Development Board and that the board establishes the meeting not facilitate.  All council members agreed.   Ed McEleney had concerns with the Tax Assessments that went up saying cities went up more than county it should stay the same.   Patty Halsey, Director of Norris Library, announced that the Norris Public Library will be having a spring clean up around the Library and welcomes everyone to come out and help with this special day.  May 14, 2010 2:30-6pm.   Stephanie Whaley has concerns with the City of Norris not allowing her to have checkens on her City property.  There are a growing number of Cities allowing this now.  This is educational for her children.  She understands that the City law prohibits her to have them and would like to request the Council re-look at the ordinance for change.  She has a petition that she went around the neighborhood to see what everyone thought.  Council Members viewed the petition.   
1. Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to have planning commission look at the ordinance pertaining to the law not having chickens in residential zones and send back to council for review.  Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.   
C. A. Ridge mentioned on behalf of Lions Club stating that they would donate money to the City of Norris to purchase defibrillators that wil be used for the community.  Mentioned if possible the Lions may also assist with a community wide CPR training program.  Asking that the City look at what state requirements are before purchase.  The donation will be 3,000.00.  Council Members appreciate the Lions Club.   
2.  Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to approve the Council Minutes from April 12, 2010.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.  
City Boards and Commissions vacancies/terms  
3.  Council Member Jack Black makes a motion to nominate William Borgers to the Archives Committee and Mary Dodge to the Recreation Commission.  Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Motion carried by voice vote.  
Norris Bulletin, proposed Paper of Record, Ordinance 516, 2nd Reading.   
4.  Council Member Jack Black makes motion to accept the 2nd reading on Ordinance 516.  Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Voting aye:  Jack Black, Loy Johnson, Chris Mitchell, and Joy Wilson.  No:  Tommy Mariner.  Motion Passes.  
Discussion on speed tables/cushions Suggested road striping criteria, as approved by the Norris Planning Commission.  Norris secondary roads are recommended to be striped with a solid white lane at the edge of the roadway.  1. Where roadway has no existing curb. 2.  Where the depth of an adjoining roadway ditch exceeds 2 inches (as measured from the roadway surface).  3.  Where road width is 18 feet or less.  Striping criteria does not apply to service drives.  City Manager Hester will delay the process until workshop meeting as begun.  Meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 1, 2010 at 7pm.   
City Charter Ratification 
5.  Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to ratify the Charter.  Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.   
Year to date budget.  Property Tax Collections are on target.  State Sales Tax and Local Option Sales Tax continue to run below budget, and Expenditures are in line to budget to date.  Expenditures are in line to budget to date, except for $7k expenditure to repair the Ford dump truck.  This expense was offset by savings on City liability insurance.   Revenue for the year is projected to be approximately $40,000 short of budget.   However, expenditures are on track to be $40,000 under budget, so we are currently on track to balance at year-end.   There is little margin for unplanned expenses at this point in time. 
EECBG update.  Awards have been announced. The Grant for Norris is for $100,000 and will be used to implement energy saving improvement projects at the Norris Community Building, Public Safety Building, and the Norris Water Commission Water Plant.  Conducted by Hopco, Inc.  as approved by City Council last year. 
FEMA Fire Grant update.  City was notified that the City would not receive the Grant applied for a new fire truck this year.  The City will re-apply the next grant cycle.   
TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant has been under review by TDOT and will soon be approved to bid the project.  The project is on schedule to be completed late this summer 
Revised Cell Tower contract, request to extend existing contract. 
6.  Council Member Jack Black makes a motion to leave current lease of Crown Castle cell tower and not to extend contract.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Carried by voice vote.  
Discussion held on donations made to specific causes, such as the Norris Little Theatre and Library.   Should funds donated for a specific purpose is held only for that purpose? 
7.  Council Member Chris Mitchell makes a motion to roll any special donations that come in the City office to be rolled over to the following Fiscal Year.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote.   
City Budget Ordinance 518 is up for first reading. 
8.  Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to approve on 1st reading Budget Ordinance 518.  Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.   
9.  Council Member Loy Johnson moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.  8:50pm