2020 Norris Municipal Watershed Deer Hunt 


Effective Monday 27 July 2020  

Due to the on-going state of emergency with recent surges in COVID-19 cases, and the resultant threat these infections pose for public health, the Norris Watershed Board has decided to postpone its 2020 lottery drawing typically held the second Wednesday in August for quota deer hunting permits on Norris Municipal Watershed.  A final decision based on changes in COVID-19 exposure risks regarding registration and processing permits will be announced Friday, August 21.  This may include a change in the registration and drawing process or cancellation of the hunt for this season.  At this time the community center remains closed to the public.

Additionally, the early season archery only hunt date, which has in years past been scheduled for the last 10 days in September, would be rescheduled to the end of October. The shotgun/Muzzle loader hunt would be scheduled, as usual, for the last 10 days in November.



Please continue to check deer hunt status on the City of Norris website at cityofnorris.com.