2020 Norris Municipal Watershed Deer Hunt 


Effective Thursday 20 August 2020  

Due to the on-going state of emergency with recent surges in COVID-19 cases, and the resultant threat these infections pose for public health, the Norris Watershed Board has decided to CANCEL its 2020 lottery drawing typically held the second Wednesday in August for quota deer hunting permits on Norris Municipal Watershed.  A final decision based on  COVID-19 exposure risks regarding registration and processing permits is the deciding factor in this decision.  Automation of the permitting process is being considered but is not available for this years' season.  Your continued patience regarding the impact of COVID-19 is greatly appreciated.


City Issued Permits are Required for all HUNTING in the Norris Municipal Watershed.  Since no permits will be issued for the deer hunt, public access to walking trails will not be restricted.


 Please continue to check COVID-19 status on the City of Norris website at cityofnorris.com.