Norris City Council Minutes

Monday, August 12, 2019







The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mitchell.


Cynthia Edrington, 75 Chestnut Drive, asked if the city had firm ordinances on outdoor lighting at commercial locations.  There are many commercial locations in the county that has intrusive overly bright lighting on their property. City Manager Hackler stated lighting is covered in the city ordinances.  Cynthia Edrington requested a copy.  Action: City Manager Hackler to send a copy via email.

Kathy Shuppert, 18 Hilltop Place, I just wanted to thank the water people for helping with a problem with my drains.  Tony’s crew did a job well done.


  1. The minutes of the July 8th, 2019 Council Meeting were presented for approval.  Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Beeman.  Motion carried by voice vote.




Added Agenda Items:

  • CAFR, official recognition again for financial reporting by Janet and her staff.  This has now been several years in a row.

  • Water Commission Chair – Dean Harshbarger, 2019 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award given for work performed by Tony Wilkerson and Doug Snelson for reducing pollutants on the waste process.  Mayor Mitchell, recognition as well for the board in their support of this work.  Dean Harshbarger, I also received a plaque tonight for 45 years of service on the Norris Water Commission.

1.   East Norris Sidewalk Grant Status – City Manager Hackler reported all required documents had

      been submitted to the State by the 07-01-2019 deadline, but the State did not review and approve  

      by the deadline.   City Manager Hackler stated the State had agreed to fund the project during the

      2019-2020 budget.




2.   Safe Routes to School Grant Status – City Manager Hackler reported a survey of the property lines

will be done to confirm property line within a week.  If the project scope includes county school property additional Right of Way (ROW) approval will be required.  George Miceli 98 Butternut, Is there an estimate for shovels in the ground.  City Manager Hackler, we have to complete the ROW and design approval and then bid the project before any schedule of construction start would be made.  This should be less than a year away.


4.   Water Plant Motor Replacement – The 1930’s 2.300-volt motors have been replaced with 480-volt motors.  The high voltage hazard has been replaced with safer more modern equipment.  George Miceli 98 Butternut, has the controller telemetry been replace with wireless?  We are working toward wireless but still have cables on poles.  We received an insurance check today for $24,000 with some more expected.  This will help offset the repair costs.




  1. Board and Commission Vacancies – Michael Carberry applied for the Planning Commission vacancy.  He presented his professional history with planning.  Mayor Mitchell nominated Michael Carberry, Councilmember Beeman provided a motion, Councilmember Hill provided a second.  All voted AYE.  Motion Passed.


  1. Ordinance 614, 1st Reading – Traffic Fines. Sam Ogburn and Heather Phillips invested a lot of time moving the fines and terms to the current standard within the TCA or City Ordinances.  Chief Ogburn, I have checked with other cities and most have used the flat $50.00.  Councilman Beeman, does the state say anything about fines?  Chief Ogburn, different cities have the option for different values.  Most are a flat $50.00.  Mayor Mitchell, there are also court fees associated with this, are we comparable with people around us?  Chief Ogburn, yes.  Mayor Mitchell, do you support this change?  Chief Ogburn, yes.  Mayor Mitchell, will there be a public hearing and 2nd Reading?  City Manager Hackler, yes.  Mayor Mitchell, is there a motion?  Councilmember Beeman make a motion, Councilmember Hill provides a second, all vote AYE.  Motion Passes.

  2. Ordinance 615, 1st Reading, - Budget Amendment.  City Manager Hackler, this takes money from the general fund reserve.  There are three items (1) out of the general fund for data processing services to upgrade the local government software.  The city court function is needed to support a new rule to process payments.  The property tax module is currently covered by paper and manual spreadsheets.  This module would help to do reports in which we cannot do right now.  The total cost is $18,000 for one-time purchase and $7,000 annual maintenance.  The vehicle purchase is to replace one of the police trucks.  This is the second engine failure due to a design problem. This was programmed for next year purchase and want to move it to this year for $27,000.  This is the price for a Dodge Charger lowest end model. The other piece is for the city percentage of the Sawmill Road project.  The estimated cost of the road project was $70,100.  We have already received $35,050.  That leaves our portion of the project at $35,050.  Mayor Mitchell, what is the fund balance after the $80,000?  City Manager Hackler, Janet is still closing the books so I do not have an end of year fund balance today.  Council Member Hill, can we table it until we get a final figure?  Mayor Mitchell, this is the first reading of the budget amendment.  We can pass on the first reading and then get another hearing before it is final.  City Manager Hackler, for the road project, we cannot meet our contract commitment without those funds approved.  We can go into a second reading if you want to delete some of these items, but we need to move forward with the funding for the road project.  Councilmember Beeman made a motion, Council Member Grieve second, all voted AYE.  Motion passes.

  3. Fund Balance Carryover, City Manager Hackler read the carry over amounts.  Mayor Mitchell asked if committee members agreed with those amounts. No changes noted.  Council Member Hill made a motion, Council Member Grieve second, all voted AYE.  Motion Passes.

  4. Resolution 4-2019 for repealing OPEB.  Mayor Mitchell, this is an administration cleanup of something that is not offered anymore.  City Manager Hackler read the resolution summarized as city contribution to supplemental medical insurance for retirees under the TCRS.  There are currently no employees under this supplement.  Motion by Council Member Hill, second by Council Member Beeman, all voted AYE.  Motion Passes.

  5. Resolution 5-2019, TDOT SIA Contract Approval, Mayor Mitchell, this was given to you to review.  If approved tonight I will sign and forward to legal for signature.  City Manager Hackler, this resolution commits funds as described in the 50% cost to the ROW to be deposited in the with the Treasury Department with the State of Tennessee.  The legal department wanted to see that we are committing to the funds and entering a contract with TDOT and State Treasury.  Mayor Mitchell, we passed on first reading the budget ordinance to fund the $70,000 or the $35,000 portion with the match from the county.  This would be signing the contract to legally bind us to actually execute that (contract performance and funds).   The time period is what?  City Manager Hackler, we are meeting the timeline.  Mayor Mitchell, we recognize Representative Dennis Powers who has helped get us to get to this point.  The participation and support are appreciated.  Council Member Beeman, shared his appreciation of all those who helped.  Council Member Beeman made a motion to approve, Council Member Grieve second, all voted AYE.  Motion Passes.

  6. Beer Board Called Meeting, Mayor Mitchell, the council is the beer board.  The earliest we can convene with two weeks’ notice is the 28th.  Wednesday August 28th at 5:30 is agreed to. Followed by ordinance public hearings at 5:45 on the same night.  General discussion on Norris Market conditions and remodeling.  The city manager to look at food service inspection options as well.  All aspects of the changes will be reviewed for code by the building inspector.  Food service inspections should be done by the health department.





City Manager Hackler reported on the following: (Also see attached)


1)   Revenue exceeded in all areas except state street aid due to planned paving costs.  Completed numbers will not be available for a couple of weeks.


2)   Water Budget expenses will be close to exceeding revenues depending on the amount of insurance refunds from the water plan repairs.


3)   The part-time administrative assistant position continues to be filled by temp services


4)   The sixth police officer position has been offered and accepted by David Campbell.  He has 18 years at the Rocky Top Police Department.


5)   The season is complete for summer recreation and the watershed trail crew.  We are doing lessons learned from the year looking at budget and costs to see how we line up for the future.


6)…Grant Updates were already discussed.


7)     The second Water Department Workshop was held and the summary runs in two paths.  One is to see if rate changes are needed and the other is for long term upgrades.  The meeting notes were reviewed in detail as depicted on the wall charts.  The next meeting will be Wednesday August 21 from 11:00am to 2:00 pm and is open to the public.  The water commission is the lead and other city departments are beginning to implement the same process.


8)     The Eagle Scout project is progressing with landscaping timbers are in place and hardwood chips will be placed in the future.  The Boy Scouts will help maintain the mulch layer in future years.


9)     I have attended meetings with area groups including the Norris Area Volunteer Assisted Transport (NORVAT) group.  This included sidewalk options for improved ADA compliance that will concentrate first in the town center area.  Also met with the Citizens in Support of the Norris Police (CSNP) which are standing up a 501(c)3 organization to provide fund raising for supplemental purchases not covered by the normal budget.  Other meetings included the three soccer clubs and the Friends of the Norris Dam State Park.


10)    We are looking at a telecommunications package with options to move to wireless and add internet options where none exists today.


11)    There are three new homes beginning construction.



12.   Accounts Payable, Minutes, and Reports -   


  • Budget Transfers –See Attached: Mayor Mitchell asked Council for questions or comments concerning transfers.   No comments.  A motion to accept the budget transfers was made by Council Member Beeman, second by Council Member Grieve, all voted AYE. Motion PASSED.

  • Minutes and Reports

    • Police Department – Chief Sam Ogburn

    • Fire Department – Chief Jeremy Carden

    • Public Works – City Manager Hacker

    • Water Commission – Tony Wilkerson

    • Recreation Commission – Brianne Kibler

    • Watershed Commission – City Manager Hackler

    • Tree Commission – Bill Grieve/Spencer Boardman

    • Conversation Recycle Committee / George Miceli

  • ASAP - Alicia Price new to ASAP for this area


13.   Motion was made by Council Member Beeman to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.   Motion carried by voice vote at 8:36 p.m.


          ___________________________________               __________________________________

          Scott Hackler, City Manager                                            Janet Parks, City Recorder                                                                                      


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