Norris City Council Minutes

Monday, April 8, 2019









The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mitchell.


Jennifer Burnette, ASAP, stated the Norris Police Department would be holding a DEA National Takeback Day on April 27, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Norris Police Department.   Citizens can drop off old prescription medicine during this time. 

Lester Murphy, Chairman of the Norris Animal Shelter Commission, requested a City Council Member attend the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Norris Animal Shelter on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 7 p.m.  Council Member Painter volunteered to be at the April 15, 2019 meeting.

City Manager Scott Hackler introduced the new Norris Volunteer Fire Chief, Jeremy Carden.  Chief Carden has been with the Norris Volunteer Fire Department for approximately 7 years and he is also a member of the Andersonville Volunteer Fire Department. 

Ed Stooksbury, 24 Deer Ridge Rd., asked when an announcement would be made concerning the Norris Police Chief position.   He stated he thought the announcement would have already been made naming Interim Police Chief Ogburn as the new Police Chief.    City Manager Hackler stated he had only been on the job for a week and the Police Chief position was on the list of things he needed to do. 

Roger Bollinger, 43 West Circle Place, stated he had a big concern as to why Covenant Life Church kept cutting down trees.  Mr. Bollinger stated the City has a 1 foot right-of-way on 441 and he had copies of documentation he had collected about 7 years ago concerning the greenbelt right-of-way when trees were first cut by the church.    Mr. Bollinger stated future discussion concerning the clearing done by the church should also include TDOT.    Mr. Bollinger stated the City has a 1 foot right-of-way on each side of Highway 441. 

Phyllis Helton, 59 Dogwood Rd., stated she was concerned because Covenant Life Church had cleared everything off of the property where the City of Norris has a right-of-way.   Ms. Helton said she was told the church got approval from the State to clear the property, but they forgot about getting approval from the City.    She stated she hopes someone from the Council will officially inform the church of the right-of-way and she was very upset about what had happened.   Vice Mayor Beeman stated City


Manager Hackler had asked him to arrange a meeting with the church and he thought that was a start; and there are several other issues that need to be discussed including the proposed road to the industrial park. 

Joe Deatherage, 122 CCC Camp Rd., complimented the Norris Police for police coverage in the TVA Songbird Trail area to keep cars from driving on the grassy areas of the park.  Mr. Deatherage stated the police had been patrolling the area and had recently caught two individuals - one with a felony.   He stated hopefully word would get around that the Norris Police Dept. is patrolling this area and hopefully  put a stop to this problem.

Lindsay Pirkle, 54 Dairy Pond Rd., she had to contact the Norris Police in January 2019 for the first time.   She stated she has complete confidence in the department.   She stated she appreciates them and hopes City Manager Hackler will consider all the public comments in support of Interim Police Chief Ogburn when filling the Police Chief position.

Chuck Nicholson, 65 Pine Place, said the Norris Tree Commission has concerns over the recent clearing by Covenant Life Church.  He stated the Tree Commission has invested a lot of money and volunteer hours since the initial clearing occurred about 8 years ago.   Mr. Nicholson stated the commission is very disappointed with the recent clearing.  Mr. Nicholson stated the church did a lot of earth moving and wanted the City to determine if the area cleared exceeds the 1-acre threshold and whether they should have obtained a stormwater permit.   Mr. Nicholson also commented on the recent CUB effort to rebuild the Norris powerlines.   He stated he was disappointed there was not a public meeting some time ago co-hosted by CUB and the City concerning the rebuilding of the powerlines to let residents know and also have the opportunity to make comments about the changes.   He noted in a lot of areas of the city there are two or three poles of different ages and heights within a few feet of each other.   Mr. Nicholson asked what efforts are going to be made to get the old poles out.   Mayor Mitchell stated he had contacted Comcast and AT & T concerning the old poles and both companies told him they do not want to restring the lines until the CUB work is complete.   Mayor Mitchell stated this statement is not in writing but is verbal.


  1. The minutes of the Special Called Meetings of February 25, 2019, March 4, 2019, March 5, 2019, March 7, 2019, and March 21, 2019 and the regular scheduled Council Meeting of March 11, 2019 were presented for approval.  Motion was made by Vice Mayor Beeman to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Motion carried by voice vote.




2.   Council Member Jessica Ogburn submitted her resignation effective March 21, 2019.  The          

       resignation letter was read at the City Council March 21, 2019 called meeting.   Motion was made

       by Council Member Painter to accept the resignation.  Motion was seconded by Council Member

       Grieve.   Motion carried by voice vote.

3.   Board and Commission Vacancies – Mayor Mitchell made a motion to appoint Jessica Ogburn to

       the Recycle Commission as a regular member.   Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.   

       Motion carried by voice vote.


Council requested City Manager Hackler run an ad in the paper concerning the open City Council position, Norris Water Commission position and any other open board or commissions vacancies.

Council will accept letters of interest concerning the vacancies.


4.    RTP Grant – City Manager Hackler reported Buy America waiver certificates would not be issued

        for this RTP Grant cycle and as a result the City would need to withdraw the application.   The

        City can submit a new application during the next grant cycle.   Motion was made by Council 

        Member Painter to approve the withdrawal of the RTP grant application.   Motion was seconded  

        by Council Member Grieve.  Motion carried by voice vote.




5.   Ordinance 612 – An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Norris, Tennessee by

       Zoning Parcel 031 12400 000 I-1:  Light Industrial District, was presented for second reading.  

       City Manager Hackler stated the Public Hearing on Ordinance 612 was held On April 8th,

       2019 at 6:30 p.m.   Spot zoning was discussed and Mayor Mitchell reported Norris Planner Dan

       Hawk told the Norris Planning Commission it would not be spot zoning.  After Council discussion

       and comments from the public, Council decided to table Ordinance 612 until additional

       information is received pertaining to sales tax and property tax.  Motion was made by Vice Mayor

       Beeman to table Ordinance 612.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Motion

       carried by voice vote. 


6.   Budget Amendment – The following 2018-2019 budget amendments were presented for approval:





Water - 413










Decrease Code:



Water - 413




Part-time Personnel







Motion was made by Council Member Painter to approve the above Water budget amendment transfers.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Motion carried by voice vote. 




City Manager Hackler reported on the following:


  1. 2018-2019 Year to Date (Estimated through March) City Budget – Overall YTD General Fund Revenues are at 60% and General Fund Expenditures are 67%.   Overall the City’s current year financial health continues to be strong, and the City is in good position for meeting current year financial needs.


  2. 2018-2019 – Year to Date (Estimated through March) Water Commission Budget – Overall YTD Norris Water Commission Revenues are at 72% and Norris Water Commission Expenses are at 66%.   NWC’s current financial health continues to be strong.


  3. Grant Updates


    1. New Sidewalk Grant – The Notice to Proceed for the Right-of-Way Phase of the project

      has been received.  Currently working on the required documents pertaining to the ROW.  As of 2-6-2019, Cannon and Cannon Engineer Jeff Beckett, stated outside the ROW requirements, the City is still on schedule to get the approvals.  He spoke with Sarah Sutton with TDOT local programs and they are doing all they can to complete this approval.

    2. Safe Routes to Schools Grant – ROW documentation has been completed.  McGill and Associates are working to obtain approval of the plans and bid books and also utility and permit certifications.

    c)    RTP Grant – TDOT official, Jane Polansky, told the Buy America waiver certificates

           would not be issued for this grant cycle.  The City can withdraw and submit a new

           application during the next grant cycle.       


             4)    2019-2020 Budget preparation is ongoing and budget schedule has been set.  The

                     first draft will be distributed to City Council members on April 8, 2019.


5)    Brush Dump – The brush dump will be closed indefinitely for public use.   The area is full

        and cannot accept any additional material.  Public Works Director Hevel has obtained an

        estimate of $7,000 to sort and burn the existing material.  The policy for future use is

        being evaluated.


6)    Advertisement, interview, and selection activities for Watershed Trail Maintenance and

        Summer Recreation staff is under way.


7)    Fire Chief Position – The fire chief position has been filled by Jeremy Carden effective     

       April 1, 2019.


8)    I would like to commend all the city staff for making my first week a pleasant and productive

       Experience.   Kudos for those you put forth extra effort to keep city services rolling along

       during the transition.


9)   See attached City Manager Report. 


8.     Vice Mayor Beeman reported the Industrial Park road meeting with TDOT was a very positive

         Meeting.   He reported the old Sawmill Road is the only one that will work. 


11.   Accounts Payable, Minutes, and Reports - Mayor Mitchell asked Council for questions or   comments concerning accounts payable, minutes, and/or reports.   No questions or comments were made.


12.   Motion was made by Vice Mayor Beeman to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.   Motion carried by voice vote at 8:50 p.m.



          ___________________________________               __________________________________

          Scott Hackler, City Manager                                            Janet Parks, City Recorder