City of Norris

Notice of Meeting


The Norris Board of Zoning Appeals will meet Monday, March 2nd, 2019 at 6:30 pm. 

1)  The BZA will hear a home occupation request for 15 Reservoir Hill Road. 
The property owner proposes an internet based (virtual)
business that sells herbs and plants that are grown
on the property in a greenhouse. There is no direct
public or on- site sales and no signs for advertising.

2)   The BZA will hear a variance request for 10 Hilltop Place.
The property located at 10 Hilltop Place proposes to
add a 18’ x 20’ roofline attached enclosed garage that
will extend within 4 feet of the side property line where
15’ is required.

  The Board of Zoning Appeals will meet in the conference room of the Norris Community Building,
20 Chestnut Drive, Norris, TN  37828. 
The public is invited.

  BZA Members:

Joe Deatherage, Chairman
Larry Beeman
Roy Langheld
Ed Meyer
Sharon Wallace

Scott Hackler
City Manager