Norris Recreation Commission

OUR MISSION:  Enhance the quality of life for Norris residents by advocating, planning, promoting, and evaluating Norris’ parks, recreational facilities, and recreational opportunities. We annually coordinate the...
  • 8-week Norris Summer Recreation Program
  • "Firecracker 4K Fun Run" on each "Norris Day."

In addition, we serve as recreational liaison between Norris residents and Norris City Council.


We are a group of volunteer citizens from the City of Norris appointed by the Norris City Council.  We currently meet the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the McNeely Recreation Room, attached to the Betty Anne Jolly Norris Community Library.  The Norris public is always invited to attend the meetings. 

More detailed information highlighting the Norris Recreation Commission's current activities can be found on the Norris Recreation Commission Facebook page. Norris Recreation Commission Facebook Page

Oak Road Pool: One of the Norris Summer Recreation programs most anticipated weekly events.
2018 Summer Science Adventure Program hosted at the Norris Elementary School wetlands classroom shed



  • Brianne Kibler, Chairperson
  • Mike McGee
  • Chris Mitchell, Mayor
  • Kathy Mohrman
  • Jessica Ogburn
  • Loretta Painter, Norris City Council Representative
  • Rachel Pemberton

Our annual Norris Day Firecracker 4K Run
Eric Herald Park received an inclusive swing structure in Spring 2018