City of Norris

Notice of Called Meeting


The Norris Board of Zoning Appeals will have a called meeting on Tuesday January 2nd 2018    at 6:00 p.m. concerning a variance to the sign ordinance.


The BZA will hear a variance request for Little Senator Circle. The variance request is to allow a sign that does not fit the sign ordinance 14-411 (5) a iii.


“For any sign attached to the building, the allowed sign area shall not exceed one (1) square foot per one (1) linear foot building frontage adjoining a street or road (up to 300 square feet). 


The Board of Zoning Appeals will meet in the conference room of the Norris Community Building,                              
20 Chestnut Drive, Norris, TN  37828.  The public is invited.


BZA Members:

Joe Deatherage, Chairman

Roy Langheld

Ed Meyer

Jim Tomlinson

Sharon Wallace


Matthew Marshall

City Manager