Norris City Council Minutes

Monday, September 11th, 2017






The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mitchell.




Jessie Jordan, 113 West Norris Road, asked if he and his father could fix a piece of board on the concert pavilion that has rotted out. Mayor Mitchell stated that he would ask that Jordan speak with the City Manager after the meeting.

Spencer Boardman, 112 Reservoir Road, stated that on behalf of the citizens of Norris he would like to present a pair of loppers to the city for the manager's quick service and response to the removal of the overgrowth along the sidewalks, in order that he may continue to do a good job. Marshall then asked if the loppers worked on budgets too.  Mayor Mitchell then recounted a story involving giving his wife some software that had on it  a cooking book.




1.      The minutes of the August 14th, 2017 Council Meeting were presented for approval. Motion was made by Council Member Black to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.   Motion carried by voice vote.




2.      Swearing in of Larry Beeman as Council Member - Marshall supplied the oath of office to Larry Beeman who read the oath in front of council and attendees. Beeman then signed the oath. Beeman then took his seat on council.


3.      Sgt. Ogburn Pinning - Chief Kain stood up and spoke.  He recounted that it was the anniversary of 9-11, and he also stated that a local business brought a cake to the station. Kain stated that he put together a process to promote  the next supervisor at the Norris Police department.  Part of the evaluation was training, experience, and conduct.  He stated there was a written evaluation and an interview process. He then congratulated Sam Ogburn as the next Sargent of the Norris Police Department. There was a presentation of achievement and pictures with the Chief and Sgt. Ogburn's family.


4.     Board and Committee Re-nominations - Mayor Mitchell noted that York Haverkamp's resignation left a vacancy on the Watershed Board Committee. He then nominated Jeff Harshbarger to fill that vacancy. He also nominated Robin Sain and Gene Lane for re­ appointment to the Watershed Board Committee. Bill Grieve seconded the motion. Motion carried by voice vote.




5.     Board and Commission Vacancies - Mayor Mitchell stated that he would contact those whose terms are up or will be up and ask them if they are interested in continuing to serve.




City Manager Marshall  reported on the following:


1)      Grant Updates - Marshall reported that Cannon and Cannon has finished the NEPA phase and begun the design phase on the Sidewalks to 61 Grant. Marshall stated that he passed the Title VI training. Marshall stated that the Safe Routes to School grant is also in the Design phase with McGill and Associates. Marshall stated that he and the engineer were coordinating the locations of the crosswalks with the TOOT ADA coordinator to insure we are not asked to increase the scope of work without funding.


2)      Recreation- - The swing set has arrived at Public Works and will be installed in the coming weeks.


3)      Sidewalk Inventory

1.      Marshall stated that we are about 1/3 of the way through the inventory and will begin the road inventory after we complete the sidewalk inventory.

4)  Crosswalks

1.      Marshall stated that Public Works has been painting the crosswalks and parking spaces and will continue working on that in the coming months. Mayor Mitchell stated that it was his understanding that we were using paint that will last longer. Marshall agreed and stated it was the same paint that TOOT used on their roads and highways.




ii.    Financial Reports - Marshall stated that the overtime amounts in police were ahead of where they should be at that time, because of implementing a new schedule. He also stated that we took about around 82% of property taxes in August. He then stated that more will come in later, but most of it has been collected.

Bills  Payable Minutes  and Reports

Mayor Mitchell turned over the floor to Chief Kain and Chief Hackler for them to give a report on anything they deemed necessary. Kain stated that they have had an increase in calls for service, much of which is self-initiated.  Kain stated that there were 7 traffic accidents in the month of August and they have stepped up their enforcement to deter those accidents. Kain stated that officers have averaged 33 ½ hours of training above what is required by POST. Painter asked Kain how the Rifle Range Permitting was going, Kain responded it was going well and there are fewer errors than previously.


Jack Black asked for a copy of the traffic studies done on West Norris and Dairypond. Marshall stated they would be in the October packets. Kain stated that there was more traffic on that road than previously thought, and that speeding wasn't as prevalent as he thought.


Larry Beeman stated that he knew Kain had stated he was doing more patrolling. Beeman asked Kain what kind of patrolling he was doing. Kain stated that it broke down into two categories: self-initiated services and reactive services.


Chief Hackler stated that the previous Saturday there was a car show and there were approximately 20 cars. He stated it was well attended and some of the soccer players came over and got hotdogs and hamburgers. Hackler stated that four fire departments came and participated in the water ball competition. Hackler stated that he and Kain met with staff at Norris Elementary School over their emergency plans.  Hackler stated he met with B&R at their new facility and pre-planned the building.

Hackler stated that Bruce Miller with the State Forestry service will be coming on the 12th and giving a

talk about wildland fires at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Hackler then stated we will do more fire education in the future.


Jack Black stated that Clinch River Brewery had their grand opening and it was a success.


Marshall stated that the City Office workers have had a very busy August. He stated that in one month they processed $489,759, property tax dollars were $449,566, 730 water payments, 40 credit card water payments, 11 water connections, 15 citations paid, and had 803 incoming calls, 26 accounts payable processed, 54 water service work orders completed, 26 new citations entered, processed the 782 water bill accounts, and met with the city auditors one of those weeks.


Joe Deatherage agreed and echoed Marshall's statements.


Painter commented that in the Library's report they have movies on the commons coming up. Susan Miceli spoke and stated that Jenny would be using the Bethel Baptist Church's equipment to put on the shows. Miceli stated that there will be 5 kid friendly movies to begin between 7:00-7:30 PM.


Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to adjourn. Motion was seconded by Council Member Black.  Motion carried by voice vote at 7:30 p.m.



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   Matthew Marshal, City Manage                             Janet Parks, City Recorder






Norris City Council Matthew Marshall

City Manager's Report October 9th 2017

  Grant Updates.
    1. New Sidewalk Grant. Cannon and Cannon has finished the NEPA phase and is turning that document into the state to move into the Design Phase. The status of the easement needed for the project is being researched. The Environmental Phase will take approximately 6-8 months to complete. The latest we can start construction is 11/01/2018. I have passed my Title VI training necessary for this grant.

    2. Safe Routes to Schools Grant. This grant has moved out of NEPA and is in the Design Phase. I have met with our design firm and we have walked the project in the field. We are evaluating where the crosswalks are and determining the best location for them. We are also attempting to identify areas where ADA compliance will be the least costly. I have also begun researching what non construction activities are required for this grant.

  1. Recreation. The swing set has arrived and our public works department will be installing in September. We need to purchase additional playground barriers and stakes before we can put down the playground mulch.

  2. Sidewalk Inventory. We are a third of the way through the Sidewalk Inventory and plan to finish this fall. We will continue to stripe crosswalks and identify areas that need improvement.