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Children's movies will be shown. This activity will be held in the Norris Community Center


Swimming Lessons I, II & III $

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Swimming Lessons will again be held at Judy Ridge's pool on Dairy Pond Rd.  Children must be at least 6 years of age or have finished kindergarten to participate.  Fee: $10.00 for the first child in a family, $5.00 each additional child in the same family with a $20.00 per family max. Money from the fee will be used to defray the cost of heating the pool.  Registration is required.


Craft Projects

Children are invited to come try their

creative hand at various projects. Many different crafts will be created throughout the summer. The specific activity is noted on the calendar.


Clay Hands ♥$

Parents are invited to bring the children, all ages, to make clay plaques of their hand prints.  Cost is $5 per child. The class will meet in the Norris Lion's PavilionRegistration is required.


Oak Rd Pool Swim

Swimming at the wading pool at the corner of Oak and Garden Roads.  The pool will be open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please no kids older than 12 as the pool is fairly small. Parents are required to accompany all children under 6 years.  If it rains, meet at the McNeeley Recreation center for alternate activities.


Fun & Games

Various games, projects or outings. We play games such as Simon says, bowling, musical chairs, and much more! Come see what's planned for the day!



Kids Tennis♦

Kids can learn the fundamentals of the game of tennis or just have fun hitting.  Meet at the court on Chestnut Drive






Tie Dye Shirts ♥$

Come make your own custom shirt. There is a $5 fee. Children 6 and under need to be accompanied by an adult. This activity will be held at the Norris Lion's Pavilion. Registration is required.


Rockets $

Build your own rocket and launch it into the sky.  Each child will assemble their own rocket and launch it at least twice.  Cost is $5 per child, limited to the first 20 children.



Board Games

Various board games, puzzles, or other similar games will be offered, and the kids choose the game(s) for the day.




Learn to cook/bake gooey delights to amaze the taste buds. Help make a delicious treat and then enjoy eating it. This will be held in the Norris Community Center.



Chalk Paint

Help us make chalk paint and then have fun using it outside.


Lawn Twister

Have a blast playing twister outside. The ground will be the mat as you experience Twister in a new way.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Join us in the search to find the nature's hidden treasures. Each child will be part of a team who tries to complete their list first. The kids will have a scavenger hunt throughout parts of Norris. The Director and Assistant Director will accompany all kids.


Balloon Tennis

Using paper plates as the rackets, kids will bat a balloon back and forth. Experience tennis in this fun, new way.




Join in the fun with some of your favorite sports ranging from whiffle ball to soccer. The kids will help decide the activity taking place.



Spy Games

Practice being a spy with various games that test agility, clue hunting, and stealth skills.


Indoor Fort Building

Kids will utilize the indoors to create a fort with blankets and other objects within the recreation center.


Field Day Games

Come join us for some fun with classic field day games. These will include spoon races, three-legged races, and much more.



Get your game face on and transform into the maddest scientist ever with these crazy experiments. We will create fun, simple science projects with the kids.



The kids can try their hands at creating their very own origami figures.



We will use the Norris Community Center's gym to place some friendly games of basketball!



* Activities Held at the Norris Community Center

♥ Activities Held at the Norris Lion's Pavilion

♦ Activity Held at Tennis Courts on Chestnut Dr.

$ Activities that Require a Fee


Unless noted above, all classes are held at the McNeeley Recreation Center (attached to the Norris Library)



????  QUESTIONS  ?????

Contact the Norris City Office at 494-7645 

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