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 A RESOLUTION ADOPTING A PLAN OF SERVICES FOR THE ANNEXATION OF THE Norris Dam Powerhouse and a portion of Norris Dam up to the Anderson/Campbell County line on Highway 441 atop Norris Dam and two smaller tracts that have recently been subdivided from TVA property and sold to private owners.  INTO THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF NORRIS, TENNESSEE 
WHEREAS, Section 6-51-102 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, as amended, requires that a plan of services be adopted by the governing body of a municipality prior to passage of an ordinance annexing any territory; and 
WHEREAS, the City of Norris is contemplating annexation of certain territory, said territory described as follows:

Beginning at a point in the existing corporate limits of Norris, Tennessee, said point being the western-most point of the Norris Freeway and the existing corporate limits, going in a westerly direction to a point, said point being the common point of the east bank of the Clinch river, the existing corporate limits, and a point which intersects Parcel 041 on Anderson County Tax Map 041.00; thence running in a northwesterly direction following the east bank of the Clinch river to the northern side of Norris Dam; thence following the southern edge of Norris Lake in an easterly direction to the intersection with the Norris Dam State Park, thence following the western edge of Norris Dam State Park running its point of intersection with the existing corporate limits; thence proceeding in a southeasterly direction following the corporate limits; thence proceeding in a northwesterly direction to the point of beginning, said property being more clearly defined on the attached map, which was made part of this resolution.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of Norris, Tennessee: Section 1.  Pursuant to the provisions of Section 6-51-102, Tennessee Code Annotated, there is hereby adopted, for the territory bounded as shown on the attached map, the following plan of services:

A.                POLICE Patrolling, radio responses to calls, and other routine police services, using present personnel and equipment will be provided on the effective date of annexation by the Norris Public Safety Department. 
B.                 FIRE Regular fire protection services, using present personnel and equipment, will be provided by the Norris Public Safety Department and Norris Volunteer Fire Department on the effective date of annexation.  
C.                 WATER Water will be provided for areas bordered by Highway 441 by the City of Norris, Norris Water Commission through an existing 6”inch line. The current capacity is sufficient to handle residential and commercial uses on the property. New service connections and/or extensions to this existing line will be the responsibility of the property owner or developer as needed. 
D.                SEWER Sewer is not currently planned for the study area as it would be cost prohibitive.  Approximately 20% of the City of Norris does not have sewer service at present and there is no sewer charge to residents or businesses that are not on the existing sewer system. 
E.                 ELECTRIC The Clinton Utility Board provides electric service within the annexation area.  Norris plays no role in and assumes no responsibility for the provision of electric services in the area.   
F.                  REFUSE COLLECTION Norris will provide garbage collection and disposal services for both residential and commercial uses on the effective date of the annexation in the annexation area, in accordance to all applicable City policies including the current fee schedule and volume limitations.   
G.                STREETS & RELATED PUBLIC FACILITIES The annexation area is directly served by Norris Freeway, also known as State Route 441, and is maintained by Tennessee Department of Transportation.  The development of new streets in the annexation area will be the responsibility of the property owner or developer and shall be constructed in accordance to the City’s specifications. 
H.                SCHOOLS The City of Norris does not currently provide school services, therefore residents of the annexation area will have continued access to attend Anderson County Schools.  This service applies to students in grades K-12. 
I.                    INSPECTION SERVICES Any inspection services now provided by the City will begin in the annexation area on the effective date of annexation. 
J.                   PLANNING  The planning jurisdiction of the City will extend to the annexation area on the effective date of annexation.  
K.                STREET LIGHTING The annexation area does not include any streets that currently need lighting. Adequate lighting of any proposed street or private drive in the annexation area shall be paid for by the developer. 
L.                 RECREATION Residents of the annexation area may use all existing recreation facilities, parks, etc., upon the effective date of annexation.  The same standards and policies now used in the City will be followed in expanding recreational programs and facilities within the annexation area.

Section 2.  This resolution shall be effective from and after its adoption. Adopted this 10th day of August, 2009