Norris Planning Minutes

July 5, 2016

Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive

Members Present:  Chair-Joy Wilson, Secretary Jeff Merritt, Matt Zorvan, Jack Black, John Barker, Ed Myer, Chris Mitchell

Public Present:  Planning Adviser Dan Hawk, Loretta Painter, Jim Tomlinson, Pam Turner, Richard & Brenda Hutcheson, Jack Mitchell

I.             Call to Order:  Chair Wilson called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No Member of the public spoke. 

III.           Minutes - June 6, 2016

                Chair Wilson asked if anyone had corrections or questions of the minutes, Mr. Hawk suggested                an amendment for clarity. 


                For clarity Mr. Hawk suggested that the following statement be added after the sentence           beginning " Planning Advisor Dan Hawk " and ending with attached to one another.

                If the Anderson County School Board and the property owner's intent was only to divide the     building and not the land, then may be possible to accomplish this using the Tennessee          Horizontal property statues without requiring Planning Commission review and          approval.

                Chair Wilson asked for a motion to approve with the above amendment.  Mr. Myers made such                 motion, Mr. Black 2nd motion.  All voted unanimously to approve.            

IV.          New Business:   

                1.            SUB-DIVISION REQUEST:  Corner of East Norris Road and Highway 61

                Mr. Hawk reviewed Subdivision Request and Plat with Commissioners.  Mr. Hawk explained that                 adjoining properties owed by Jerry Crossno and Richard and Brenda Hutcheson also known as   B&R Auto Repair wants to subdivide portions of their properties to accommodate a new   Auto Repair Business.

                Mr. Hawks opinion was that the request meet all of the necessary requirements and     recommended its approval.

                Secretary Merritt advised the Public and Planning Commission that he was the Brother-in-law to                 Richard and Brenda Hutcheson but, did not feel it was necessary to recuse himself. 

                Mr. Hawk noted that the only signature existing on the proposed subdivision plat was that of    the Surveyor and advised Secretary Merritt against signing off of the plat until such time that                the property owner's signatures could be secured.  (Mr. Crossno was not present at the           meeting.)

                After a short discussion Mr. Zorvan made a motion to approve the subdivision plat subject to     securing the necessary signatures.  Mr. Barker seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.


                Recess Planning Commission Meeting

                Chair Wilson asked for a motion to recess so the Norris Design Review Commission could             convene to review Design Review "Lot 3 " Highway 61.  Mr. Black made the motion Mr. Myer             seconded.  All voted unanimously to recess.


                Convene Norris Design Review Commission

                1.  Design Review "Lot 3" Highway 61

                Chair Wilson called the meeting to order at 5:20p.m.

                Mr. Hawk reviewed site plan and design requirements with Commission.  Mr. Hawk explained that for the most part the Norris Design Review Commission's limited requirements were    targeted to offsets, differing heights and building material creating differing heights for           adjoining businesses.  After a short discussion on such topics such as mechanical equipment screening, lighting and landscaping, Mr. Barker made motion to approve the Design Review                 "Lot 3" Highway 61.  Mr. Zorvan seconded, all voted unanimously to approve.


                Reconvene Planning Commission

                2.  Site plan review "Lot 3" Highway 61

                Chair Wilson reconvened Planning Commission Meeting.

                Mr. Hawk reviewed incomplete site plan with Commission, missing was lighting specifications    that must meet or exceed lighting provision 14-422. Sign specifications, parking, setbacks,                Building specs and entry meet all requirements and recommended site plan approval subject to                 City's Building Inspection approval of the above.

                After a short discussion Mr. Zorvan made motion to approve site plan "Lot 3" Highway 61             subject to City building inspector verifying that lighting meets lighting provision 14-422 and that      they business sign meets Norris Zoning requirements.  Mr. Barker seconded, all voted      unanimously.


V.            Old Business:

                1.  Parking requirements for educational facilities.

                Mr. Hawk passed out to Commission a document giving examples of Public and Private                 Educational parking spaces requirements for different cities.  Mr. Hawk went on to say that it             was up to the Planning Commission to set parking standards or not.

                After a short discussion Mr. Barker made a motion to table this subject for a future date.  Mr.    Black seconded, all voted unanimously.


VI.          ADJOURN

                Chair Wilson asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Barker made motion to adjourn.  Mr. Myer       seconded.   All voted unanimously to adjourn.


 Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Chairman/Secretary