Norris Planning Minutes

December 7, 2015

Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive

Members Present:  Matt Zorvan, Ed Meyer, Chris Mitchell, Jack Black, Chairman Jeff Merritt

Public Present:  Jim Tomlinson, Loretta Black, Pam Turner, Dan Hawk Planning Adviser                                                                   City Manager Tim Hester

I.             Call to Order:  Chairman Merritt called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No member of the public spoke  

III.           Minutes - November 2, 2015

                With no questions or corrections Chairman Merritt asked for a motion to approve as submitted.               Mr. Zorvan made the motion, Mr. Meyer seconded, all voted unanimously to approve.

IV.          New Business: 

A.  Update on Norris Water Commission Improvements

  • 2015 Phase III Sewer Rehabilitation project

                Mr. Hester briefed Commission, committing that 3,000' of line had been point repaired and had                 undergone slipping procedure.

  • 2016 Phase IV Sewer Rehabilitation project

                Mr. Hester advised that a new block grant has been approved to rehabilitate the main line at the                 Sawmill Road intersection.


V.            Old Business

1.  Rules & Procedures for Training Session Reminder for February

                 Mr. Hester reminded Commissioners of the February 2016 Training Session.

2.  Review Definitions & Locations for Hotels, Motels, Tourist Courts & Inns

                Mr. Hawk and Mr. Hester reviewed with Commissioners their thoughts and suggestions.

                After discussion Commission agreed on the following definitions:

  • Inns: Any building (s) containing eleven (11) or fewer guest rooms.
  • Hotel/Motel: Any building (s) containing twelve (12) or more guest rooms.

                Commission agreed on the following locations:

  • Inns: C-1 Central Commercial Dist., S-1 Scenic Highway Dist., S-2 Scenic Highway District
  • Hotels/Motels: C-2 General Commercial District, P-1 Professional and Civic District



3.  Design Review Commission

A.    Draft Ordinance

Mr. Hawk reviewed with Commission a draft ordinance creating the Norris Design Review Commission with the authority by section 6-54-133 of the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) key factors of the draft are:

  • The Norris Municipal Planning Commission is designated to serve as the Norris Design Review Commission hereafter referred to as the Norris DRC.
  • All decisions by the Norris DRC maybe appealed to the Norris City Council.
  • The Norris DRC shall meet upon request prior to the regular meeting of the Norris Municipal Planning Commission
  • An application for DRC review must be submitted to the enforcement official 10-days prior to the regular Norris Planning Commission meeting.

Design rules for the DRC review will be a "work in progress" between the Planning Commission, Norris City Council and Public Hearings.

After a long discussion Mr. Mitchell made a motion to recommend that City Council adopt the draft ordinance and the suggested design standard as follows:

  • Differences in height for adjoining businesses must vary by at least two (2) feet.
  • Differences in front offset for adjoining businesses must vary by at least one (1) foot.
  • Separating building material between commercial businesses must not be glass or metal.
  • Building Material creating differing height must not be glass or metal.

After a short discussion Mr. Meyer seconded the motion.  Chairman Merritt called for a vote, all voted unanimously to approve.

B.            Goals/Vision Statement

                No other Goals/Vision Statement was brought forward

VI.          Adjourn

With no further business brought forward Chairman Merritt asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Meyer

made motion to adjourn, Mr. Zorvan seconded.   All voted unanimously to adjourn.

 Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Chairman/Secretary