Norris Planning Minutes

November 2, 2015

Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive

Members Present:  Matt Zorvan, Ed Meyer, Chris Mitchell, John Barker, Jack Black, Joy Wilson and Chairman Jeff Merritt

Public Present:  Dan Hawk Planning Adviser, Kathy Richland and City Manager Tim Hester,

I.             Call to Order:  Chairman Merritt called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No member of the public spoke 

III.           Minutes - October 5. 2015

                Chairman Merritt asked members if any changes or corrections were needed, with non-brought forward Mr. Merritt asked for a motion to approve as submitted.  Mr. Zorvan made the motion, Mr. Meyer seconded, all voted unanimously to approve.

IV.          New Business: 

                1.  135 Little Senator Circle request to allow "EVENT HOSTING" as a permitted use

                Mr. Hester introduced the property owner and explained that she desired to create a "Event Hosting" facility from her vacant building located at 135 Little Senator Circle.  Mr. Hester advised Commission that currently no zones in Norris permitted such a use; but "Event Hosting" was a growing trend and would be a good Commercial use.

                After a short discussion Chairman Merritt asked Mr. Hester what would the proper procedures be for Commission to create an acceptable zone or zones for "Event Hosting"?

                Mr. Hester advised Commission to:

                A.  Define "Event Hosting"

                B.  Define acceptable Zones

                C.  Recommend to City Council for approval


                Mr. Hawk said that he had a prepared definition for "Event Hosting" for the Commission to review.  Mr. Barker asked about parking.  Mr. Hawk said that the state has parking requirements defined subject to the type of business, the square footage of the building and so forth.

                Mr. Hawk's definition of "Event Hosting" is "Places of public assembly including conference and meeting spaces, banquet and reception halls, catering services, and other businesses that provide event services for a fee. 

                After a short discussion Commission agreed with Mr. Hawk's definition.  It was agreed that zones C-1, C-2, S-1, and S-2 would permit "Event Hosting".

                Mr. Zorvan made motion to recommend to City Council approval of "Event Hosting" (as defined above) in the C-1, C-2, S-1 and S-2 zones.  Mr. Barker asked to add specific language to the motion concerning parking.  Chairman Merritt advised that a motion had been made by Mr. Zorvan and amended by Mr. Barker.  Chairman Merritt asked for a seconded on the motion, No Second was given. Motion died.

                Mr. Merritt asked for a discussion on parking requirements.  It was agreed by Commission that "Event Hosting" parking regulations shall be regulated in accordance with Norris Zoning Ordinance Title 14, Section 14-405, sub-section 1.n." Restaurants.

                Mr. Zorvan made motion to recommend to City Council for approval of "Event Hosting" (as defined above) in the C-1, C-2, S-1, and S-2 zones with parking regulated in accordance with  Norris Zoning Ordinance Title 14, Section 14-405, sub-section l.n."  Restaurants.  Mrs. Wilson seconded, with no further discussion Chairman Merritt asked for a vote.  Commission voted unanimously to approve the motion.

2.            Review Definitions & Locations for Hotels, Motels, Tourist Courts and Inns.

                Mr. Hester advised Commission that it recently approved Distilleries, Wineries & Breweries in the corporate city limits of Norris.  Also, in that approval Inn and B&B's were allowed in conjunction with the above.  Problem:  Current city ordinance says that B&B's are to be located in single family homes with no definitions of Inns, Hotels, Motels or Tourist Courts concerning number of rooms or the number of establishments in any particular zone.

                Mr. Hester asked that Commission define the above and which zones they should be located in.

                A short discussion ensued about number of rooms each should have and the appropriate zones.

                Mr. Hawk suggested that he look at other examples and compile definitions of each       establishment i.e., number of rooms, parking, ex., ex., and suggestive zones for Commission to      review.  All approved of his suggestion.






V.            Old Business

                1.  Schedule Rules & Procedures for Training Session in February

                Mr. Hester said that he just wanted to remind Commission of the Training Session in February.

                2.  Design Review Commission

                                A.  Legalities

                                Mr. Hawk said City Council will be the Government body to appoint a Design Review                                      Commission. 


                                New government bodies, have planning act as the Review Commission, or appoint itself              (City Council).

                                Mr. Merritt asked Mr. Barker a professional architect, who has been before such             Commission's on past projects, if he would suggest a suggestive or doctorial driven      Design Review Commission?  Mr. Barker said in his opinion that a doctorial driven                 Commission would service Norris best.

                                B.  Goal & Visions statement

                                Mr. Mitchell reviewed with Commissioner's an enlarged phot of a newly constructed                                     strip mall in another town, which showed varying heights and lengths of adjoining                                           buildings.  Mr. Mitchell suggested that this design mimicked early 20th century                                                   architecture.  Mr. Mitchell went on to say that he would like to get away from the all                                      metal and glass buildings.  His vision statement would have minimum standards on                                      building materials, facades, heights, lengths; otherwise there would be no means to                                            enforce.  Commission agreed with this vision statement and asked Mr. Barker to put                                  into architectural language for review.  Mr. Barker agreed.  Mr. Hawk will also present                                           for review a draft ordinance. 

VI.          Adjourn

                With no further business brought forward Chairman Merritt asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Meyer made motion to adjourn, Mr. Zorvan seconded.   All voted unanimously to adjourn.

 Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Chairman/Secretary