Norris Planning Minutes

July 7, 2014


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.


Members Present:  Chairman Spencer Boardman, Secretary Jeff Merritt, Members Ed Meyer, Jack Black, Matt Zorvan and Chris Mitchell

Public Present:  Jerry &Ellalynn Crossno, May Boardman, Loretta Painter and Joe Deathridge

I.             Call to Order:  Chairman Boardman called meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No member of the public spoke.

III.                Minutes June 2, 2014:  Mr. Black made motion to approve, Mr. Meyer seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

IV.          Old Business:

            1.                Resolution to adopt 2014-2024 Land Use & Transportation Plan

Chairman Boardman asked Commission members if they had read and reviewed the plan, and if any member had any questions.  No direct questions were asked, but all agreed while no plan is perfect the 2014-2024 Land Use & Transportation plan was a good fit for the city.

Mr. Mitchell made the motion to adopt Resolution 1-2014 City of Norris 2014-2024 Land Use & Transportation plan.  Mr. Zorvan seconded.  All voted unanimously to adopt the resolution.

2.                Review R-1 Setback recommendations

Shortly after the June 2, 2014 Planning Commission meeting, Mr. Dan Hawks, ETDD Planning Consultant sent a memorandum dated June 11, 2014 to City Manager Tim Hester, who forwarded to each Commission member outlining the possible options for a change in the building setback standards as requested by Commission Chairman Boardman, asking Members if they had read the memorandum and had any questions.  With no questions Chairman Boardman reviewed the four (4) options and their advantages and dis-advantages.  It was suggested by Mr. Hawk at the June 2014 meeting, that Public Safety be consulted as to the safety of a possible reduction in the setback standards.  Chairman Boardman commented that he had not heard from Public Safety or the City Manager in regard to a safety issue. 

Mr. Mitchell commented that he would not recommend changing the setback standards, Mr. Black stated the same, and Mr. Zorvan commented that changing the setback standards would create confusion and stress.  Mr. Merritt and Mr. Myer concurred.  Chairman Boardman stated that he felt that changing the setback standard would open the city to litigation not diminish it.

Mr. Mitchell stated that he was confident the current BZA Board was competent in deciding Variance request; the bigger issue is the BZA addressing items not involved with the request.

Mr. Jerry Crossno from the public commented that each variance request is unique and in his opinion the current BZA board is capable of fairly deciding each request.  Ellalynn Crossno agreed and does not see a need to change the setback standards. 

Mr. Deathridge (BZA Chairman) was asked by a Commission member "on average how many setback variances request come before the board per year?"  Mr. Deathridge answered four or five.  Mr. Deathridge went on to say that BZA has resolved all request without litigation and did not see a reason for the change.

Chairman Boardman asked the public and Commission members for any further questions or comments.  With none, Chairman Boardman called for a motion to vote on one of the four options outlined in the memorandum.  Mr. Zorvan made a motion to approve Option A which is to change nothing and take no action.  Mr. Meyer seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve Option A.

The Norris Planning Commission would like to Thank Dan Hawk, ETDD Planning consultant and City Manager Tim Hester for their continued hard work in assisting the Commission.


V.            New Business:

            No new business was brought forward.


VI.                Adjourn

            Chairman Boardman asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Meyer made motion, Mr. Black seconded.  All voted unanimously to adjourn.

Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Secretary