Norris Planning Minutes

April 7, 2014


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.


Members Present:  Chairman Spencer Boardman, Secretary Jeff Merritt, Members Ed Meyer, Jack Black, and Joy Wilson

Public Present:  City Manager Tim Hester, City Planner Dan Hawk, Jim Tomlinson, Diane Ilgner, Loretta Painter, Tim Rudder and Justin Rudder

I.             Call to Order:  Chairman Boardman called meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No member of the public spoke.

III.                Minutes March 3, 2014:  Chairman Boardman asked for a motion to approve as written.  Mr. Meyer made motion to approve, Mr. Black seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

IV.          New Business:

1.            Request to re-plat two existing lots into one at 10 Hickory Place.  Mr. Hester reviewed the re-plat request with Commission and explained the request was to remove the lot line dividing the property.  After a few questions, Mr. Black made a motion to approve the re-plat request as presented.  Mrs. Wilson seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

2.            Commercial site plan review:  6 Deer Ridge Road

                Mr. Hester introduced the site plan and a rudimentary drawing.  City Planner Dan Hawk  was asked by Commission his opinion.  Mr. Hawk said that he had reviewed the site plan and the only concern he had was water run-off and the site plan drawing.  Mr. Hawk stated that the site has a ¼" slope per foot and if channeled properly toward the storm drain there should be no problem.  Mr. Hester commented that the building inspector and the Norris Water Commission would require proper storm water drainage.  Mr. Hawk stated that the site plan should have been displayed on a topo map, but in this instance the drawing was adequate.

Mr. Hawk explained that the Commission's main concern in reviewing the site plan should be:  1. Set back requirements.  2.  Access point onto the property from the city street.  3.  Parking.  4.  Storm water runoff. 

After a short discussion on the above topics Mr. Hawk and Mr. Hester stated in their opinions the site plan was adequate.

Mrs. Wilson asked about outdoor lighting, Mr. Hester said that the lighting standards would be enforced by the Building Inspector.  Mr. Boardman asked about landscaping.  Mr. Hester stated that at the current time no ordinance is in place to dictate landscaping standards.

After a short discussion, Mrs. Wilson made a motion to approve the site plan for 6 Deer Ridge Road, Mr. Boardman seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

V.            Old Business:

                1.                Land Use Planning Process:

            Mr. Hawk stated that he was ready to finalize the Land Use Plan, but, wants to be sure that Commission has had every opportunity to add or sub-tract from the 1 ½ year old language.  Mr. Hawk said that Norris growth rate is flat due to land availability, while the opportunity to generate income exist with the newly Annexed properties on Highway 61.  The current language for the Norris Land Use Plan, while adequate, could fit any small town or city in Tennessee.  Mr. Hawk suggested that the Commission might consider preserving the Historical core of the City by adding language to restrict maximum square footage and recommend a certain Architectural style.  Also, what would Norris like to see on the newly annexed properties on Highway 61.  Mr. Hawk asked if a goal of the Commission is to preserve the Historical core to think how Norris can "preserve not restrict" and discuss at the May 2014 meeting.

VI.                Adjourn

            With no more business Chairman Boardman asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Meyer made the motion. Mrs. Wilson seconded.  All voted unanimously to adjourn.


Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Secretary