Norris City Council


Monday, March 10th, 2014





The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Mitchell. 


Nicki Cantrell, 58 Dairy Pond Rd., announced she is a candidate for Anderson County Chancellor.  She noted the Chancellery Court hears many important items including adoptions, guardianships, divorces, land disputes, and estate probates.    She noted this is a very important office and asked everyone to please vote in the upcoming election.


1.      The minutes of the February 10, 2014meeting were presented for approval.Motion was made by Council Member Grieveto approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter. Motion carried by voice vote.



2.      Mayor Mitchellmade a motion to appoint Benita O'Dellto the Norris Animal Commission Board.  Motion was seconded by council Member Haverkamp.   Motion carried by voice vote.

3.       City Manager Hester presented the low paving bid from Duracap in the amount of $84,753.70 for approval.  The current bid is $20,000 over the available State Street Aid Fund Balance.  City Manager Hester presented traffic report information from Norris Square obtained from the radar device that showed Norris Square speeding issues were on Friday afternoons and not during school hours.  Based on his information, he recommended the speed humps and chevrons totaling $3,500.00 be removed from the paving bid.  He reported County Commissioner Steve Emert had approached him concerning the lack of school zone flashing lights at Norris Elementary and Norris Middle.  Commissioner Emert noted Norris schools were the only county schools without flashing lights.  City Manager Hester reported he was looking into grant opportunities to cover the school zone flashing lights.  Vice Mayor Black wants the City to seek grants and/or budget next year, the purchase of portable speed humps. Natalie Erb, 87 Dairy Pond Rd., asked what was going to be done to enforce the speed limits as the reports showed speeding other times than during school hours.  City Manager Hester stated Public Safety will be utilizing radar to enforce speed limits in areas as needed.  He noted after additional research on more city streets that indicates speeding, a budget increase for Public Safety overtime might be necessary.  Motion was made by Council Member Haverkamp to approve the Duracap bid of $81,253.70 (minus the speed humps and chevrons totaling $3,500.00) and to transfer $17,000.00 from fund balance reserve to cover the paving cost.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.  Voting for:  Vice Mayor Black, Council Member Grieve, Council Member Haverkamp, and Council Member Painter.  Abstained from voting:  Mayor Mitchell.

 4.      Ordinance 572 - Temporary Storage Containers - Second Reading.  City Manager  Hester reported the Public Hearing was held on Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.  City Manager Hester reported if the ordinance was passed, notices would go out to property owners in violation of the ordinance.  Motion was made by Mayor Mitchell to approve Ordinance 572 on second reading.  Motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.

5.      Ordinance 573 - Rezone Property at 6 Deer Ridge Rd. from R-2 to Commercial 1 was presented for second reading.  The Public hearing was held on Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. and note all comments were positive.  Motion was made by Council Member Haverkamp to approve Ordinance 573 on second reading.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Motion carried by voice vote.


City Manager Hester reported on the following:

 1)      The 2013-2014 budgets are on track with revenue slightly ahead of budget and expenditures tracking to budget.  Due to staffing changes in Public Safety, a budget amendment may be required in part-time personnel.

2)      Grant Updates - The City will be submitting a Parks and Recreation Grant application for a grant up to $35,000.  This is a matching grant and the City of Norris currently has $35,748.34 in reserve for the grant match.  The grant will be used for improvements at Oak Road Park, Eric Harold Memorial Park, and Ridgeway Park.  City Manager Hester presented Resolution 1-2014 to Authorize the Submission of the Parks and Recreation Grant application for approval.   Motion was made by Vice Mayor Black to approve Resolution 1-2014.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Haverkamp.  Motion carried by voice vote.

3)      Arbor Day was Friday, March 7th and was held at Norris Elementary.   Paw paw saplings were given to the students to plant.City Manager Hester stated Arbor Day was a success.

4)      Update on Traffic Data Collection - Traffic data collection was reviewed during paving bid approval discussion.

5)      Spring Clean-Up Dates - City Manager Hester reported March 31 - April 4th would be Spring Clean-up in the City of Norris.  The date for Watershed Clean-up is Saturday, April 5th.New

6)      City Manager Hester reported no change in annexation challenge from last month. 

7)      See attached City Manager Report.



6.      Budget Amendments - None.

7.      City Manager Hester presented the 2014-2015Budget Calendar for approval.   Budget workshop will be April 14, 2014 at 5:30 p.m., first reading of the Budget ordinance will be May 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., Notice of Public Hearing will be published by May 21, 2014,Public Hearing will be June 2, 2014, and the final reading of the Budget ordinance will be June 9, 2014.Additional budget workshops can be added if needed.  Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to approve the 2014-2015 Budget Calendar.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Haverkamp.  Motion carried by voice vote.

Accounts Payable, Minutes, and Reports

Mayor Mitchell asked Council for questions or comments concerning accounts payable, minutes, and reports - there were no questions or comments.

8.      Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.  Motion carried by voice vote at 8:15 p.m.





TO:                         Norris City Council                                          DATE:                    March 10, 2014

FROM:             Tim Hester                                       RE:                   City Manager's Report

  1. 2013-14 Year to Date (Estimated through February) Budget.   Revenues & Expenditures are tracking to budget:
  • Overall 2013-14 expenditures remain on target to budget, however some minor adjustments may be necessary to the Public Safety budget due to the staffing changes and increased use of part-time dispatchers and overtime during the transition period; and also to Public Works for unexpected vehicle mechanical repairs.
  • 2013-14 Revenue is tracking slightly higher than budget.
  • Final Year End numbers for Fiscal Year 2012-13 are now available for review. The City finished the 2012-13 budget year with 100% of planned City services and Capital projects funded, and an increase in Undesignated CASH reserves.

2012-13 Year End Undesignated CASH reserves are approximately:

o        General Fund      $135,000

o        Watershed            $129,000

Overall, the City's financial health continues to be very strong.

2.        Grant Updates.

a.                               Local Parks & Recreation Fund - grants have been announced with an application deadline of April 11, 2014.   This is a 50/50 matching grant, and awards will be made up to $250,000.  We have approximately $35,000 remaining from the Norris Academy gift to use as the match (the original gift was used as the match for the last LPRF grant we received to establish the playground at Ridgeway Park, and the balance was earmarked for additional playground improvements at Oak Road and Ridgeway Parks).  The Recreation Commission and representatives of Norris Academy met last year and decided that we should seek to add adult fitness oriented equipment at the Parks.   We also have a need for new lighting at the tennis courts and we can include this on our grant application as well.   Council must adopt a Resolution regarding the grant application in order to proceed with this application.

  1. Arbor Day.  The annual Arbor Day program was held on March 7, 2014 at Norris Elementary School.  This program is coordinated by the Norris Tree Commission.  
  2. Update on Traffic Data Collection.    The radar device was deployed on Norris Square from Friday, February 28 until Friday, March 7.  Data will be available for review at the March Council meeting.
  3. Annual Clean-up Dates Set.    The annual Norris Spring cleanup will be the week of March 31 thru April 4.  The City of Norris will assist residents with their springtime cleanup from March 31 through APRIL 4th.  The City will pick up objects at curbside that are not too heavy for two men to handle.  Items that cannot be picked up are tires, paint or solvents, unused cleaning supplies, freezers or refrigerators, building materials, or anything with asbestos.


The annual Watershed cleanup has been scheduled for Saturday, April 5, 2014.  Volunteers will meet in the Watershed at 9am, work until noon, and then gather at the Community Building for lunch.  

  1. Annexation Updates.  Chancellor Lantrip signed orders October 1, 2013 regarding his decision to dismiss the annexation in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Garrett.  The Notice for the Motion to Appeal was filed in October 31, 2013.  No date has been set yet for the appeal.


  1. November 2014 General Election.   Norris City Council election for a new two-year term will be on November 4, 2014.  Candidates may pick up a qualifying petition as of May 23, 2014.  Qualifying deadline is August 21, 2014.