Norris Planning Minutes

February 3, 2014


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.


Members Present:  Chairman Spencer Boardman, Secretary Jeff Merritt, Members Jack Black, Joy Wilson, Matt Zorvan, and Mayor Chris Mitchell


Public Present:  May Boardman, Loretta Painter, Glen Gustafson, Diane Allred, Jason Kitts, Loretta Black, City Manger Tim Hester, City Planner Dan Hawk


I.             Call to Order:  Chairman Boardman called meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

II.            Hear the Public:  No member of the public spoke.

III.                Minutes December 2, 2013, Mr. Zorvan made motion to approve as written, Mrs. Wilson seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

IV.          New Business:

1.                Request to re-zone property at 6 Deer Ridge Rd., from R-2 Residential to C-1 Commercial.  City Manager Tim Hester gave a brief review, explaining that this property as of twelve (12) or so years ago was zoned commercial, but was changed to Residential R-2 at the owner's request. 

            Owners have tried to sell their property under R-2 residential zoning, but have been unsuccessful.  Jason Kitts would like to purchase the property and build a Beauty Salon.  Mr. Black commented that in his opinion the property would be better suited zoned C-1 commercial than R-2 residential.

                After a short discussion, Mr. Mitchell made a motion to recommend to City Council to change the subject property from R-2 residential to C-1 commercial.  Mr. Black seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve the motion.

V.            Old Business:

1.            Land Use Planning Progress:

                Chairman Boardman started the discussion by inviting members to attend a "Land Use Tour" sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the East Tennessee Development District (ETDD) to be held at the University of Tennessee Arboretum, Monday May 19, 2014, with pre-registration deadline of May 9, 2014.  Those members attending will be credited with 2 hours of training credit.  City Planner Dan Hawk handed out the existing zoning map.  The Norris Planning Commission has completed the language on the updated Land Use Plan, but due to State and County Planning Services being eliminated the new map has not been completed.  Mr. Hawk asked members to review the map and drive the roads through the different zones and decide if the current zoning suits the City's needs.  Mr. Hawk will review with Commission members their findings at the March 2014 meeting. 

            With no further Business, Chairman Boardman asked for a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Mitchell made the motion to adjourn.  Mrs. Wilson seconded.  All voted unanimously to adjourn.


Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt, Secretary