Planning Commission Minutes

 Monday 2, December 2013


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.

Monday 2, December 2013

Commission Members Present: Chairman-Spencer Boardman, Secretary-Jeff Merritt, Matt Zorvan, Jack Black and Chris Mitchell

Also Present: Loretta Painter, Jim Tomlinson, Tommy Mariner, City Manager Tim Hester and City Planner Dan Hawk


I.          Call to Order:

            The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairman Spencer Boardman

II.         Hear the public:

            No member of the public spoke.   

III.       Minutes 4, November 2013

            Mr. Zorvan made motion to approve minutes, Mr. Black seconded.  All approved. 

IV.       Old Business

1.            Evaluate Zoning Regulations on Temporary Storage Units

            Chairman Boardman received sample ordinance, asked if any changes, Mr.             Boardman said he would like to increase Item #5 from 30 days to 45 days.

            Short discussion ensued, Chairman Boardman asked for motion to recommend to             City Council, to adopt and approve this draft.  Mr. Zorvan made motion, Mr.             Merritt seconded.  All approved.

V.        New Business

1.         Training Session:  Planning Commissions Role in Economic Development

            BZA Members Present:  Jim Tomlinson, Spencer Boardman, Tommy Mariner,

                                                    Jeff Merritt and Chris Mitchell

VI.            Adjourn

            Mr. Zorvan made motion, Mr. Boardman seconded.  All Approved


Submitted by Jeff Merritt, Secretary