Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.

Monday 4 November, 2013

Commission Members Present:  Spencer Boardman - Chairman, Jack Black, Ed Meyer, Jeff Merritt, Matt Zorvan, Joy Wilson and Mayor Chris Mitchell

Public Present: Dan Hawk, Tim Hester - City Manager, Loretta Painter

I.          Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairman Boardman

II.         Hear the public:

No member of the public spoke

III.       Minutes 7, October 2013

Chairman Boardman wants the minutes to include Commission member Jack Black to be added to second paragraph, second sentence under new business to read "City Planner Dan Hawk and Commission member Jack Black has researched".  Commissioner Wilson suggested that the word PODS in first paragraph, second sentence under New Business be capitalized.  Chairman asked for a motion to approve with changes.  Commissioner Wilson made motion, Commissioner Zorvan seconded.  All voted unanimously to approve.

IV.       Old Business

1.  Evaluate Zoning Regulations on Temporary Storage Units

City Planner Dan Hawk handed out a sample ordinance on temporary storage units.  After a short review Commission had a long discussion covering all points of the sample ordinance.  Commission agreed on a number of changes which Mr. Hawk will add to the ordinance for Commission to review at its December 2013 meeting.

V.        New Business

1.  Economic Development of Hwy 61 and Old Norris

Mr. Black said that he attended the last Lake City Council meeting, where the main topic was changing the City's name to Rocky Top.  It has been reported that, if the City agrees to change its name a large developer will pump millions of dollars into new businesses and a possible theme park.

Mr. Black suggested that Norris take advantage of this possible development by approaching local businesses for ideas on how they can capitalize on the certain increase in traffic.  Mr. Black called this a "Branding Process".

After a short discussion Commission agreed to wait on the Plant E.T. - U.T. Project to be reviewed and discussed.

2.  Plan E.T. Project:  City Manager Tim Hester said that the Plan E.T. - U.T. study should report in January 2014.

VI.       Adjourn

Mr. Meyer made a motion to adjourn, Mrs. Wilson seconded.  Commissioners voted unanimously to adjourn.

Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt Secretary