Norris City Council


Monday, November 11th, 2013










The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Mitchell. 


Natalie Erb, 87 Dairy Pond Rd., presented a petition of formal complaint for failure to enforce the speed limits, specifically on East Norris Rd., Dairy Pond Road, and Reservoir Road.  The petition requests the community speed limits be enforced and routinely monitored.

Ed McEleney, 123 Reservoir Road, stated he had made a formal request of Council to authorize the installation of a sign alerting drivers to a hidden driveway at 123 Reservoir Road at the October meeting.  He stated no sign had been installed.

Christina Eich, Chairperson of the Norris Animal Commission, requested Council approval to start a Friends of Norris Animal Commission.   The Friends group would allow more flexibility in taking care of the animals, specifically vet care.  Lester Murphy stated the Norris Animal Commission does an outstanding job of taking care of the animals.  Mayor Mitchell requested the group present to Council specifics on the goals and functions of the Friends of Norris Animal Commission before a decision would be made.City Manager Hester noted a formal agreement similar to the one the City has with the Soccer organizations would be needed along with proof of liability insurance.   


1.      The minutes of the October 10th, 2013 meeting were presented for approval.Motion was made by Council Member Haverkamp to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter. Motion carried by voice vote.




2.      Mayor Mitchell recommended the appointment of Loy Johnson to the Norris Little Theatre Board and Charles Mitchell to the Recreation Commission.  Motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.

3.      City Manager Hester presented the 2013-14 Paving Plan, Bid Documents for approval.    Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to approve the 2013-14 Paving Plan, Bid Documents.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.   Mayor Mitchell abstained from voting.   Motion carried by     voice vote.


4.      City Manager Hester presented the Watershed Timber Harvest Bid Award to Council for approval.  The winning bid was Ellison Logging of Speedwell, TN, $45,952.53.  City Manager Hester noted all funds stay in the Watershed fund.  Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to approve the bid award.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.  Motion carried by voice vote.




City Manager Hester reported on the following:


1)      The 2013-2014 budgets are on track.  Property tax collection is at 93%.  He also reported the outside auditors are finishing the 2012-2013 audit.

2)      Grant Updates - None to report.

3)      City Manager Hester reported two bike rakes had been donated by Loy Johnson Real Estate and Friends of the Library.  The rakes are located at the Post Office and the library.

4)      City Manager Hester reported the employee health plan coverage had been changed effective 11/1/2013 to Blue Cross Blue Shield P.  This puts the premiums back in line to      the budget.

5)      Public Safety Vehicle status - vehicle has been ordered and waiting on delivery date.

6)      City Manager Hester reported Attorney Pratt is working on the motion to appeal the decision. 

7)      See attached City Manager Report.




4.       Budget Amendments - None

5.       The Recreation Disc Golf Proposal was presented for review.   Recreation Commission Member Al Fletcher stated the course would not be a permanent structure and would be around Norris' Commons.   The Recreation Commission is requesting approval to continue research.  Council granted approval for continued research.

6.       The US Cellular Cell Tower Rental Proposal was presented by City Manager Hester.  The current lease will expire 09/11/14 and US Cellular would like to sign a new lease.   The proposed lease would be for five years with US Cellular retaining the option to renew the lease for an additional five years up to five times.   The proposed lease payment is $1,200 per month and would increase 10% with each five year renewal.  City Manager Hester will research similar leases to determine if proposed contract is similar to other cell tower contracts.US Cellular Cell Tower Rental Proposal will be placed on the December Agenda.

7.      Council held a discussion concerning speed tables and speed cushions.     Vice Mayor Black provided information concerning speed tables and cushions and the cost.  Council Member Haverkamp stated we have heard from citizens expressing concerns over speeding in the city     at the last three council meetings.Various options were discussed.  Council requested City Manager Hester do additional research as to installation requirements and costs.   City Manager Hester will check with TML, the City's insurance carrier, as to their recommendations.  Council also requested City Manager Hester to include in the paving bid a price on installing asphalt speed bumps around the Commons area.   City Manager Hester will provide the research information to Council and will be discussed at the December meeting.

8.      City Manager Hester requested Council approval to pay from reserve funds the Museum of Appalachia Waste Connections garbage service charges for service during the Fall Homecoming event held in October 2013 totaling $630.40. Motion was made by Mayor Mitchell to approve the garbage service payment of $630.40 from reserve funds.  Motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.

9.      Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.   Motion carried by voice vote at9:15 p.m.







TO:                  Norris City Council                             
DATE:             November 11, 2013

FROM:            Tim Hester                                    

RE:                  City Manager's Report


  1. 2013-14 Year to Date (Estimated through October) Budget.   Revenues & Expenditures are tracking to budget:
  • Property tax notices have been distributed and were due without penalty in August. 93% of estimated property tax has been collected to date, which is on pace with previous years. All revenues are on target to budget, plus the additional Local Option Sales reported in September that will add approximately $40,000 to this year's revenue.
  • Final Year End numbers for Fiscal Year 2012-13 will be available later this fall with the conclusion of the annual independent audit. The City finished the 2012-13 budget year with 100% of planned City services and Capital projects funded, and an increase in Undesignated CASH reserves.

Year End Undesignated CASH reserves are estimated @:

o        General Fund      $135,000

o        Watershed            $129,000

Overall, the City's financial health continues to be very strong.


  1. Grant Updates.

No active grants currently.

Bike Racks Donation.   Loy Johnson Real Estate has donated two back racks for use in town center.   These have been installed; one in front of the Post Office and one in front of the library.   Thanks to Loy and Jack!

  1. Employee Health Insurance Coverage.   The premiums on the previous health insurance increased effective September 1 at a greater than expected amount, which would have been well over budget.   Options have been evaluated and the health insurance was changed to Blue Cross/Blue Shield effective November 1.  Coverage is comparable to the previous plan, but is in line with the approved budget.


  1. New Public Safety Vehicle Status. Vehicle order has been placed and delivery is expected by early November.  


  1. Annexation Updates.Chancellor Lantrip signed orders October 1, 2013 regarding his decision to dismiss the annexation in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Garrett.   City Attorney Pratt is preparing a motion to appeal.   The Notice for the Motion to Appeal was filed in October 31, 2013.