Norris City Council


Monday, October 14th, 2013








The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Mitchell. 


Susan Byrne, 12 West Circle, asked for an update pertaining to the house at 11 West Circle that was damaged by fire in May of this year.   City Manager Hester reported he had spoken with the property owner and their intent is to list the property with a real estate agent.

Ed McEleney, 123 Reservoir Road, made a formal request of Council to authorize the installation of a sign alerting drivers to a hidden driveway at 123 Reservoir Road.

Harry Shatz, 125 Butternut, stated he had been to Council a few months ago concerning speeding problems on Butternut.  He noted 25 mile speed limit signs are going up and he wanted to thank City Manager and Council for their assistance in this matter.


1.      The minutes of the September 9th, 2013 meeting were presented for approval.Motion was made by Vice Mayor Blackto approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve. Motion carried by voice vote.




No Board and Commission appointments to vote on.  City Manager Hester noted Norris Little Theatre does have a board vacancy open.  


Council Member Loretta Painter announced the Norris Little Theatre fall production of the musical,  Nunsense A Men!, will be November 14-16, 2013 at the Norris Community Center. 



2.      Ordinance 571 - An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Norris, Tennessee, by Zoning Newly Subdivided Territory R-1 Residential District was presented for second reading.  City Manager Hester reported the East Norris Road property owner requested the 20 acres and house be put back to its original zoning of R-1.  This zoning change was presented to and also approved by the Norris Planning Commission.   The Public Hearing for Ordinance 571 was held at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 14th, 2013.  Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to approve the second reading of Ordinance 571.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.  Motion carried by voice vote.



City Manager Hester reported on the following:


1)      The 2013-2014 budgets are on track.  Property tax collection is at 91%.  Final yearend numbers would be completed by outside auditors later this year.   Reported cash reserves in the general and watershed funds were solid - City General Fund cash reserve is approximately $135,000 and the Watershed cash reserve is approximately $129,000.

2)      Received notification today of award of a $1,500 TML Safety Grant.City Manager Hester reported a Recycling Grant would not be available this year.  McGill and Associates will assist the City in a grant development program and the City will be looking at a TDOT Enhancement Grant and a Safeway Grant in the future.

3)      Villages at Norris - Developer has requested an extension of a contract with the City of Norris to build a 126 unit apartment complex including pool and clubhouses.    Due to changes in the economy they have not been able to break ground.    Motion was made by Vice Mayor Black to approve extension of contract until 06/30/2014.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Haverkamp.  Motion carried by voice vote.

4)      Public Safety Vehicle status - vehicle has been ordered and should arrive by early November.

5)      City Manager Hester reported motion was filed on 10/1/13 to dismiss the annexation lawsuit.  The City has until 10/31/13 to appeal the decision.  City Attorney Pratt is working on the motion to appeal the decision. 

6)      See attached City Manager Report.




4.       Budget Amendments - None

5.      City Manager Hester reported the city streets have been evaluated for condition to determine street paying priorities.  Streets recommended for paving in spring 2014 are:  CCC Camp Rd., Oak Rd., south of Garden Rd., Oak Rd. Service Drive (south side), Oak Rd. Service Dr. (south side, around small commons), and Garden Rd., from Orchard to Oak Rd.  The 2013-14 Street Aid budget was approved with $55,000 for paving and $6,990 for miscellaneous repairs.  The current Street Aid fund balance is $27,893.  With projected 2013/2014 collections from the state of $42,000, the City has an approximately amount of $62,903 available for paving.  With Council's approval, the paving plan will be advertised for bid this fall with actual paving to be done in spring 2014.  Motion was made by Council Member Haverkamp to approve opening the paving bid process.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Voting in favor of motion:   Vice Mayor Black, Council Members, Grieve, Haverkamp, and Painter.  Mayor Mitchell abstained from voting.

6.      Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Painter.   Motion carried by voice vote at7:40p.m.







TO:                  Norris City Council                          

DATE:             October 14, 2013

FROM:            Tim Hester                                               

RE:                  City Manager's Report


  1. 2013-14 Year to Date (Estimated through September) Budget.   Revenues & Expenditures are tracking to budget:
  • Property tax notices have been distributed and were due without penalty in August. 91% of estimated property tax has been collected to date, which is on pace with previous years. All revenues are on target to budget, plus the additional Local Option Sales reported in September that will add approximately $40,000 to this year's revenue.
  • Final Year End numbers for Fiscal Year 2012-13 will be available later this fall with the conclusion of the annual independent audit. The City finished the 2012-13 budget year with 100% of planned City services and Capital projects funded, and an increase in Undesignated CASH reserves.


Year End Undesignated CASH reserves are estimated @:

o        General Fund      $135,000

o        Watershed            $129,000

Overall, the City's financial health continues to be very strong.


  1. Grant Updates.
    1. Recycling Grant.  TDEC conducted grant seminars statewide in September.  Priorities set by the State this year are to fund multi-jurisdictional capital projects.  This grant will not be available this year to assist in the purchase of new leaf and/or brush equipment.           
    2. Safe Routes to Schools.   Grant application is due end of October.  McGill Associates has assisted with the development of a proposal to improve the safety of Norris Square school zone.  Proposal includes adding additional parking and speed tables at the crosswalks.   This is a matching grant where Norris would be responsible for 20% of the project cost.


  1. Village at Norris, Request for Extension.  An agreement was signed in October 2011 between Jon Dunn and the City of Norris regarding the planned development of property on Andersonville Highway for an apartment complex of 126 units with pool and clubhouse.  The agreement allowed Mr. Dunn to continue with the proposed development as already approved by Anderson County.  Due to timing issues with financing, Mr. Dunn respectfully requests that the original agreement be extended.  Mr. Dunn expects the financing to be arranged and construction begun no later than June 2014.


  1. New Public Safety Vehicle Status. Vehicle order has been placed and delivery is expected by early November.  


  1. Annexation Updates.Chancellor Lantrip signed orders October 1, 2013 regarding his decision to dismiss the annexation in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Garrett.   City Attorney Pratt is preparing a motion to appeal.   The Motion to Appeal must be filed by October 31, 2013.