Planning Commission Minutes

 Monday 7, October 2013


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.

Commission Members Present: Joy Wilson,  Chris Mitchell, Matt Zorvan, Jack Black, Ed Meyer, Spencer Boardman - Chairman, Jeff Merritt - Secretary

Public Present: Jim Tomlinson, Loretta Painter, May Boardman, Harry Shatz & Jennie Messer, City Manager Tim Hester, Planning Advisor Dan Hawlk

I.          Call to Order:

            Chairman Boardman called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.

II.         Hear the public:

            No member of the public spoke.   

III.       Minutes - September 3, 2013

            Chairman Boardman asked for motion to approve September 3, 2013 minutes.  Mr.       Zorvan made motion, Mr. Boardman seconded.  All approved unanimously. 

IV.       New Business

1.            Evaluate zoning regulations on temporary storage units.  Chairman Boardman briefly   over viewed some past and on going problems with temporary storage units. City             Manager Tim Hester gave some current examples of the well known

            Pods unit that have been placed on adjoining property & for more than 2 years.

            Mr. Hester went on to say, that with the current ordinances, the city has no authority to limit the amount of time a temporary storage unit can remain on a

            home owner's property.  City Planner Dan Hawlk said, he has researched several city ordinances outside of Norris and suggest that Planning Commission, before

            writing an ordinance should first define the following:

            a. Define temporary and permanent storage units

            b. What is the purpose of the unit

            c. How long will units be allowed to be on site

            d. What will be the maximum length of the unit

            e. Will there be different lengths and time limits in different zones

            After a lengthy discussion Commission agreed to have Mr. Hawlk draw up a

            sample ordinance for Commission to review, no time was set for sample ordinance to be             presented to Commission for review.

V.        Old Business

            No old business was brought forward.

VI.       Adjourn

            Mrs. Wilson made motion to adjourn.  Mr. Zorvan seconded.  All members voted             unanimously to adjourn.


Submitted by Jeff Merritt - Secretary