WHEREAS, pursuant to the duties vested in him by the Norris Municipal Code, Title 4, Chapter 2, the City Manager has reviewed the City's personnel policies and has determined that said rules should be updated; and


WHEREAS, the last update of City's personnel policies was completed in 2008, and




Section 1.            The following be added in its entirety to the existing Personnel Policy:



(1)                    General workplace harassment and violence.

(a)   It is the policy of the City of Norris to promote a productive, safe and healthy work environment for all employees, customers, vendors, contractors and members of the general public and to provide for the efficient and effective operation of the local government's activities.  The City of Norris will not tolerate verbal or physical conduct by an employee which harasses, disrupts or interferes with another's work performance or which creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile environment.

(b)   No employee or non employee shall be allowed to harass any other employee or non-employee by exhibiting behavior including, but not limited to, the following:

(i)     Verbal harassment. Verbal threats toward persons or property; the use of vulgar or profane language directed towards others; disparaging or derogatory comments or slurs; offensive flirtations or propositions; verbal intimidation, exaggerated criticism or name calling; spreading untrue or malicious gossip about others.

(ii)    Physical harassment. Any physical assault, such as hitting, pushing, kicking, holding, impeding or blocking the movement of another person.

(iii)   Visual harassment. Displaying derogatory or offensive posters, cartoons, publications or drawings.

(c)   Under no circumstances are the following items permitted on local government property, including local government owned parking areas, except when issued or sanctioned by the local government for use in the performance of the employee's job:

(i)     All types of firearms, switchblade knives and knives with a blade longer than four inches (4");

(ii)    Dangerous chemicals;

(iii)   Explosives or blasting caps;

(iv)  Chains; or

(v)    Other objects carried for the purposes of injury or intimidation.

(d)   Charges of violence and harassment may be reported to any supervisory employee of the local government, including the city recorder or the mayor.   The city manager or designee is charged with investigating all cases of workplace violence and harassment.  Depending on the severity of the charges or whether a crime is committed, the city manager may request that another professional provide assistance to the City of Norris and/or assume responsibility for the investigation. All employees are required to assist in the course of the investigation by providing testimony, statements and evidence, as required.  Failure to cooperate may result in disciplinary action.

(e)   Copies of the investigative report with recommendations for appropriate action will be turned over to the city manager as appropriate for further action.  Disciplinary action may be taken against any employee who commits acts of workplace violence and harassment.

(2)                    Sexual harassment. The following actions constitute an unlawful employment practice and are absolutely prohibited by the local government when they affect employment decisions, create a hostile job environment, cause distractions, or unreasonably interfere with work performance. They are:

(a)   Sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual advances;

(b)   Requests for sexual favors;

(c)   Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the form of pinching, grabbing, patting, or propositioning;

(d)   Explicit or implied job threats or promises in return for submission to sexual favors;

(e)   Inappropriate sexually oriented comments on appearance;

(f)     Embarrassing sexually oriented stories;

(g)   Displaying sexually explicit or pornographic material, no matter how the material is displayed; and/or

(h)   Sexual assault on the job by supervisors, fellow employees, or, on occasion, non-employees.   Sexual harassment includes conduct directed by men toward women, conduct directed by men toward men, conduct directed by women toward men, and conduct directed by women toward women.

1.      An employee who feels he/she is subjected to sexual harassment should immediately contact an administrative person with whom the employee feels the most comfortable.  The city manager is the person the local government designates as the investigator of sexual harassment complaints against employees. In the event the sexual harassment complaint is against the city manager, the investigator shall be a local government employee appointed by the City of Norris City Council.



SECTION 2:  This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its approval as required by law.


Adopted First reading: July 8, 2013



Adopted Second reading:  _August 12, 2013