Norris City Council


Monday, December 10, 2012








The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Mitchell. 


Ed McEleney, 123 Reservoir Rd., inquired about restitution concerning the trees on city property that were cut by Covenant Life Church.  City Manager Tim Hester reported the church has agreed to plant      a row of cherry and dogwood trees in the spring 2013.

Harry Shatz, 125 Butternut Rd., thanked the council for their diligence and stated the City was much better off for the way this board had handled City matters.


1.      The minutes of the November 12th, 2012 meeting were presented for approval. Motion was made by Vice Mayor Mariner to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.


Mayor Chris Mitchell turned the meeting over to City Manager Hester for the swearing in of the new Norris City Council.  City Manager Hester thanked the outgoing council for the two terms they had served and their accomplishments.


The new Norris City Council was sworn in by City Manager Hester.  The oath of office was given to Jack Black, Bill Grieve, York Haverkamp, Chris Mitchell, and Loretta Painter.


The first order of business for the new council was the election of Mayor and Vice Mayor.


2.      Motion was made by Council Member Grieve to nominate Chris Mitchell as Mayor.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Haverkamp.  Motion carried by voice vote.


3.      Motion was made by Council Member Painter to nominate Jack Black as Vice Mayor.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Haverkamp.   Motion carried by voice vote.




4.      The following Council representatives to City Boards were presented for approval.  Jack Black- Planning Commission, Bill Grieve- Tree Commission  and Norris Little Theatre, York Haverkamp - Conservation/Recycle and Recreation, Mayor Mitchell - Animal Commission, Planning  Commission , Recreation, and Tree Commission, and Loretta Painter - Community Development and Norris Little Theatre.  Motion was made by Mayor Mitchell and seconded by Vice Mayor Black to approve the appointments.  Motion carried by voice vote.


Mayor Mitchell reported there are Board and Commission vacancies.  These vacancies will be discussed at the January 2013 meeting.




City Manager Hester reported on the following:


1)      The 2012-2013budgets are on track.  Property tax collection is 93%, slightly ahead of pace.

2)      Archives Grant in the amount of up to $5,000 has been applied for.  It is not a matching grant. 

3)      Planning Grant is being wrapped up and should have reimbursement by the end of the year.

4)      The new Public Works vehicle has been ordered - a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4 x 4 - and should be in by January 2013.  It was ordered on the state purchase contract and the cost is approximately $23,000.  The Watershed Board has agreed to fund $10,000 of this purchase.  The Watershed Board will be purchasing the old Chevrolet 2500 truck at blue book price to keep for Watershed uses.

5)      The old fire truck was advertised for bids, but no bids were received.

6)      City Manager Hester reported Public Safety Officer Gary Wood had retired, but will be staying on in Dispatch as a part-time employee.

7)      Annexation 545 has been dismissed.  Annexation Ordinances 555 and 556 have also been challenged.  City Manager Hester reported discussions were ongoing between the attorneys regarding a possible settlement concerning Annexation Ordinances 555 and 556.

8)      Streetlights have been installed on Little Senator Drive.

9)      The MTAS Elected Officials Academy will be held January 25 and 26, 2013 at the Norris Community Center.

10)   City Manager Hester reported Public Works will be collecting leaves through the first week of January 2013.  Man hours for collecting leaves as of December 10th, 2012 total 323 hours.


See attached City Manager Report.




5.      Ordinance 562 - An Ordinance to Repeal Chapter 1 of Title 13 of the Norris Code Book Regarding Condemned Structure Abatement Regulations and to Replace It with Updated Slum

6.      Clearance Regulations was presented for first reading.  City Manager Hester state the current code is outdated and this ordinance will put the City in compliance with state law. No Public Hearing is required, but a Public Workshop was held on Nov. 15th, 2012.    Council Member Haverkamp expressed concerns due to a property owner not having the finances to repair their home.   Council Member Haverkamp is looking into available Assistance Programs to help when needed.   Vice Mayor Black stated the ordinance was needed for the safety of the Citizens of Norris.   Motion was made by Vice Mayor Black to approve the first reading of Ordinance 562.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  The motion carried by voice vote.

Vice Mayor Black recommended the new Council hold a one day retreat, open to the public, sometime the first of 2013.  Council Member Grieve concurred with Vice Mayor Black that it would be a good idea to hold this one day retreat.  Mayor Mitchell stated the Council would schedule a date at the January 14th, 2013 Council Meeting.

7.      Motion was made by Vice Mayor Black to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve.  Motion carried by voice vote at7:55 p.m.





TO:                 Norris City Council                                      

DATE:             December 10, 2012

FROM:            Tim Hester                                                

RE:                City Manager's Report



  1. 2012-13 Year to Date (Estimated through November) Budget.   Revenues, with ~93% of property tax collected, and Expenditures are on track to budget.

Reminder: Final Fiscal Year 2011-12 figures will be available later this year as the annual audit is now underway.


  1.  Grant Updates.
    1. Archives Grant.  An application has been submitted to the State.  This grant would fund the purchase of metal shelving and supplies for the Archives located in the museum section of the McNeeley Building.
    2. Planning Grant.   Supplies and services associated with this grant are now complete.    The City's request for reimbursement of funds will be made before the end of the year.  This grant was to help fund the transition process from the State Local Planning Office to County and City resources.


  1. New Public Works Vehicle.   A 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Regular Cab 4WD truck has been ordered on the State purchase contract.   Vehicle cost is ~$23,000 and is in line with estimates.   The Watershed Board has agreed to fund $10,000 of this purchase, and the balance will be paid from the new Capital Loan.


  1. PSO Wood Recognition.   Lt. Gary Wood is retiring from full time employment with the City.   Gary spent numerous years in law enforcement with other agencies, and has served the City admirably since 2004.   We wish Gary the very best with his future.


  1. Annexation Updates.    Annexation Ordinance 545 has been dismissed.


Annexation Ordinances 555 & 556 have been challenged.  Discussions are ongoing between the City Attorney and Attorney for the Plaintiff regarding possible settlement.   City Council will be presented with a proposed agreement when available.