Planning Commission Minutes

 Monday 4, September 2012


Minutes of the Norris Planning Commission meeting, held in the Council Room of the Norris Community Building, 20 Chestnut Drive.

Tuesday 4, September 2012

Commission Members Present: Chairman-Spencer Boardman, Secretary-Jeff Merritt, Chris Mitchell, Jack Black, and C.A. Ridge

Also Present: Ed McEleney, May Boardman, Loretta Black, Jim Tomlinson, Joe Deatherage, Sarah Watson, Mathew Lambert


I.          Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mr. Boardman

II.         Hear the public:

Mr. McEleney was asked by Dr. Mark Garrett if name plates could be provided and displayed at meetings for Planning Commission and City Council.  Mr. Boardman agreed with the idea and will proceed toward that goal.   

III.       Minutes 6, August 2012

Mr. Black made motion to approve minutes as submitted.  Mr. Ridge seconded.   Commission voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the Norris Planning Commission 6, August 2012.

IV.       Old Business

1.  Review Lighting Ordinance

Mr. Boardman expressed his wish to narrow this proposed ordinance and agree upon a document to recommend to City Council.  Chairman Boardman reviewed all that had been discussed concerning this ordinance.  Chairman Boardman also expressed his desire that once an ordinance was agreed upon by the Planning Commission to hold a public workshop before recommending to City Council.

Chairman Boardman thanked County Planner Watson for submitting the Farragut and Collardville, TN lighting ordinances as examples and study material.  Chairman Boardman asked Planner Watson what her thoughts were on the best of the two examples, that would best serve the City of Norris.  Planner Watson said Collardville's ordinance was very strict and did not see adopting as advisable. 

Mr. Mitchell asked Planner Watson if she had any knowledge of Farraguts enforcement history of the lighting ordinance and if the public had any input or complaints.  Planner Wallace said she had no knowledge of such.

General discussion ensued on the merits of the two ordinances by Commission.  Mr. Ridge again asked does Norris have a current problem warranting the new ordinance?  Mr. Black and Chairman Boardman both expressed the need for an ordinance to follow when a neighbor complains of light intrusion or new development takes place, more discussion ensued.

Chairman Boardman made a motion to utilize the Missoula Montana lighting ordinance for final review by Commission, with the goal of holding a public workshop and submitting to City Council.  Mr. Black seconded.  Mr. Ridge opposed Chairman Boardman, Secretary Merritt, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Black voted to approve.  Motion passed.

Chairman Boardman asked Commission members to review the Montana ordinance one more time and be prepared to make final changes with a hopeful vote at the October meeting.  Chairman Boardman also asked Planner Watson to review the Montana ordinance again and make any suggestions at the October meeting.    


V.        New Business

1.            Approve updated zoning map.

Mathew Lambert of the County Planning/Mapping office reviewed with Commission the updated zoning map.  After the review Chairman Boardman and some members of the public expressed dissatisfaction with the titles contained in illustration #4 ‘Community Facilities Norris TN'.  The watershed being named "TVA Watershed" Chairman Boardman would like the Facility Legend to read "TVA and Norris City Watershed".  Mr. Lambert agreed to make the change. 

Mr. Mitchell expressed concern that illustration #3 "Existing Land Use Norris TN" did not reflect re-zoning changes that had been made to several properties.  Mr. Mitchell made motion to delay approval of the updated zoning map until the City Manager could review the updated zoning map and minutes of the Norris Planning Commission and City Council to clear up recent re-zoning that is not shown on the updated map.  Mr. Black seconded.  Commission voted unanimously to approve.

Chairman Boardman commented on the recent tree clearing on HWY 441 at the Covenant Life Church site.  Chairman Boardman said that he has spoken to Shirley Walker (Building Inspector and Maintenance Department Supervisor) and was informed that the Norris Tree Commission is working with the Covenant Life Church on a re-planting plan to include trees and grasses.


2.         Training and Legal issues

Anderson County Planner Wallace conducted a 1 ½ hour training session with Planning Commission Members covering Powers of a Planning Commission and Legal issues.


VI. Adjourn

Mr. Ridge made motion to adjourn.  Mr. Black seconded.  Commission voted unanimously to adjourn. 


Minutes submitted by Jeff Merritt Secretary