Norris City Council


Monday, March 12, 2012





No comments from the public

Girl Scout Day Resolution 3-2012: A Proclamation Declaring 2012 as the Year of the Girl and Celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting. Approximately 15 Girl Scouts along with their parents attending the City Council meeting. Council Member Jack Black made a motion to accept Resolution 3-2012 as read and Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. No discussion. Motion carried by voice vote.


1.  Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to approve the February 13, 2012 Council Minutes as stated,seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  No discussion. Motion carried by voice vote.




Mayor Chris Mitchell recommended the following people to serve on the Norris Animal Commission:

July Chilcoat, Jamie and Tyler Taylor, the openings are for a three year term, a two year term and a one year term, this can be decided at this month's commission meeting.


2. Mayor Chris Mitchell made a motion to accept the individuals named to serve on the Animal Commission board, seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Motion carried by voice vote.


Library Director, Pattie Halsey asked for Susan Miceli berecommended to serve on the Anderson County Library Board.


3. Council Member Loy Johnson made a motion to recommend the individual named to serve on Anderson County Library Board, motion was seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote.


City Manager Tim Hester recommends deferring any capital loan discussion at this time.


Ordinance 548, an Ordinance amending Title 17, Section 101 and Section 102 of the City of Norris City Charter: Tennessee Refuse and Trash provisions.


Council Member Loy Johnson stated that she had (2) complaints about the wording of the Ordinance. Following was much discussion from the public. Comments from the following residents: Randy Treace, C.A. Ridge, Jack Mitchell, Ed McEleney, Diana Stevens, Leanne Eldred, Eric Paquette, Judy Ridge, and Frances Oates. All comments expressed concerns with the ordinance as written.


4. Council Member Jack Black wants to pass the Ordinance as presented. Council Member Loy Johnson wants to see something different. Council Member Tommy Mariner motioned to table Ordinance until a Committee is created and brings back a new recommendation; Council Member Loy Johnson seconded the motion. Mayor Mitchell asked from the public, volunteers to be on this committee. Jack Mitchell, Jeff Merritt, Jim Tomlinson, Frances Oates, CA Ridge and Council Member Tommy Mariner to act as the facilitator, all volunteered. Mayor Mitchell requested that this committee bring back a recommendation to next month's council meeting. Mayor Mitchell asked for a voice vote to table Ordinance 548 until this new committee brings back a revised Ordinance. Voice vote passes with all in favor.


5. Street Lighting and Lighting Standards. Council Member Jack Black gave an overview and requested Planning Commission to look at this policy. Council Member Jack Black motioned to send this policy to the Planning Commission for their review and comments. Council Member Tommy Mariner seconded the motion. No discussion followed. Voice vote, 1 opposed Council Member Loy Johnson, motion passes.



See attached Report


Annexation Update: The city now has a court date of Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, November 28, 2012.


City Manager Hester announced the hiring of a new City Recorder, Janet Parks. Janet has been the City Recorder at Lake City for 5 years and prior to that at SunTrust Bank. Janet will begin working for the City of Norris on March 26th.


The City is currently interview to fill the opening in the Public Safety Department. Hope to have this position filled by mid-April.


Community Development Board is sponsoring "Discover Norris" this coming weekend in the Community Building from 2-5. Letters were sent out to about 50 families that have moved into Norris in the last 2 years, however, everyone is invited to come and check-out the cities organizations, business & clubs.


Council Member Tommy Mariner stated that he understood that TVA was ending its security patrols in this area? City Manager Hester confirmed his understanding but he didn't foresee any additional burden put on the city, however, if a call came in the city would respond.


Library Parking Request: The city doesn't have and funds at this time to add additional parking.


2012-13 Budget Calendar:

            Workshop                   April 9th at  5:30pm

            Council Review                       May 14th at 7:00pm

            Public Hearing Notice May 24th

            Public Hearing             June 4th at  5:30 pm

            Council Final Reading June 11th at 7:00pm


6. Council Member Tommy Mariner motioned to accept the budget meeting schedule; motion was seconded by Council Member Jack Black. No discussion. Motion carried by voice vote.


Ordinance 549, an ordinance amending the Norris Municipal Zoning Ordinance by allowing educational institutions in the C2 general commercial zoning district.


The church originally wanted to open a Pre-school in the Anderson Crossing Plaza, the church has revised their plans to open a "day care" instead. This change in plans would not require a zoning change at this time.


7. Council Member Jack Black motioned to table Ordinance 549; Council Member Loy Johnson seconded the motion. No addition discussion. Motion passes.


Watershed Cleanup is March 31st meeting at Upper Clear Creek Road and Lower Clear Creek trail.


City wide Spring Cleanup is the week of April 16.


31.  Council Member Jack Black moved to adjourn, motion seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote.