Norris City Council


Monday December 12, 2011





James Harshbarger, Director of Norris Little Theatre comes on behalf of the NLT Board and would like to say thank you to everyone that helped out in making this board successful.  Also, appreciates the City of Norris allowing them to perform in the Community Center and handling other needs to make the board successful.


1.  Council Member Jack Black moved to approve the November 17, 2011 Council Minutes.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote.


City Manager Hester mentioned that Council Member Tommy Mariner would be out due to a conflict in work.  Also, Council Member Joy Wilson would not be able to attend due to a conflict at work.



Update on Boards and Commission Vacancies

Mayor Mitchell would like to get this in the Press as soon as updated.  He recommended the following people to serve:


Planning Commission: Spencer Boardman.

Archives Commission: Ellalyn Crossno, Lib Morgan, and France Oates

Community Development Board: Loretta Painter

Library Commission: Mary Ann Donaldson and Nancy Grieve

Norris Little Theatre: Lucas Hietala


2. Council Member Jack Black made a motion to accept the Boards and Commission updated list above.  Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote.


Ordinance 547, Zoning for Annexation Ordinance 545


3. Council Member Loy Johnson makes a motion to adopt Ordinance 547 on seconded reading.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote. 


Capital Loan Update

City Manager Hester reviewed the capital loan update with Council and Council decided to take what was given in meeting and discuss next month.


Streetlight Request from citizen was discussed.  City Manager Hester followed up with CUB and there is no timer based.  Spencer Boardman spoke with Engineer at CUB and mentioned that CUB does not offer shielding either.  Council Member Jack Black agrees with having less light, people that signed the sheet that homeowner sent around would not even be affected by this light.  City does not have a policy for lighting and would like to put one in place.  Council Member Loy Johnson agrees with Council Member Jack Black.  City Manager will draft a light policy for next meeting. 


C. A. Ridge has an issue with light pollution, opposes this issue.  Also, has a concern with sidewalk on Dairy Pond.  C. A. Ridge would like to see a bead or something to that effect to avoid vehicles going up on the sidewalk. 


4.  Council Member Loy Johnson makes a motion to develop a Light Policy Draft. Seconded by Jack Black. Aye: Jack Black, Loy Johnson and Chris Mitchell.  Chris Mitchell abstains.   Motion carried. 


Council Member Jack Black presents Emergency Warning Systems to council.  Jack checked with Redco Emergency Communication Connection out of Florida.  The cost would be $2,520 yearly/Flat rate based on population.  The Notification is 7,500 minutes.  You can have sent to email, text or cell. You can have it narrowed down to, if there is a problem on a certain street just send out message to that street.  An estimated cost per house per year would be $3.  This is a 3 year contract if agreed upon.  City Council will review and look at next month.



See attached Report


New Business

Manager said this is setting a precedent for others.


5.  Council Member Jack Black makes a motion to adopt Resolution 15-2011. Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson.  Motion carried by voice vote. 

6.  Council Member Loy Johnson moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote. 





TO:                  Norris City Council

DATE:             November 17, 2011

FROM:            Tim Hester

RE:                  City Manager's Report


  1. 2011-12 Year to Date (Estimated through October) Budget.   Revenues and Expenditures are on track to budget, however, projected revenue from the opening of a package store may fall short of budget due to the store not opening as early as originally expected.  The Norris package store should be on track to open in December and we will monitor revenue closely.


  • Barring any unforeseen expense or revenue loss, current funds (including the 110 Undesignated Fund) should cover expenses through the month of June 2012.   


  • However, a need to borrow funds is projected in July 2012 to meet normal operating expenditures for the beginning of the 2012-13 fiscal year prior to August 2012 tax collections.  The amount that will be needed will vary based on factors that may include: actual 2011-12 revenues, unplanned expenses, and changes and/or adjustments in City services.    Funds may be borrowed from internal and/or external sources, and plans to repay such a loan will need to be included in the 2012-13 budget.  The current cash shortfall is projected to be approximately $50,000.


  1. Grant Updates
    1. EECBG.    Work has now been completed.   Work is underway on the final reports and requests for reimbursements to conclude this project.  
    2. TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant.   Project is on target to complete soon!  Final landscaping work is now in process.
    3. LPRF Grant.  We have received State approval for plans and the playground equipment has been ordered and delivered.  This project should be completed by the end of the current calendar year.
    4. FEMA Grants.   Estimated lead-time on delivery of the truck is 3 months.



  1. City Audit.  The annual audit of City & Norris Water Commission financials is underway by HG & A Associates.   A final report should be available for Council's review by the end of 2011.


  1. Annexation Updates.   Annexation Ordinances 531, 534, 535, 538, and 541 are now complete.   The 30-day appeal period ended on November 9, 2011.