The Norris Memorial and Honor Tree Program

The Memorial and Honor Tree Program offers a unique way to remember family members, honor friends, or celebrate unique occasions with the gift of a tree planted on public property in Norris.  Since the early 1970s, over 200 honor trees have been planted.

Donors purchase an honor tree as a memorial or as an honorarium.  The Tree Commission works with the donor to select the kind of tree.  Donors can choose from several trees native to Tennessee as well as a small number of non-native but non-invasive ornamental trees.  Final selection of both the tree species and planting location rests with the Tree Commission.

The Tree Commission arranges to have the tree planted and provides an engraved plaque that will be placed on or near the tree.  Once the tree is planted, the Tree Commission notifies the donor and any designated individuals of the planting date and location of the tree.

To donate an honor tree, fill out the form in the honor tree brochure and submit it to the Norris City Office.

Click here for the honor tree brochure.

Find an Honor Tree 

The map below shows the locations of honor trees and donated benches. Click on a dot (green for honor trees, red for donated benches) to see the type of tree, year planted, donor, and honoree. Use the drop-menu box below the map to select a tree by the honoree's name.

Hints on using the map:

  • The map scene can be toggled between Map view (streets and prominent landmarks) and Satellite view, which shows much more detail.
  • To zoom in (show more detail), click on the + marker at the top of the scale bar on the left or move the slider on the scale bar up. With a high magnification level and the Satellite view, it is often possible to find individual trees on the map.
  • To zoom out (show less detail), click on the - marker at the bottom of the scale bar or move the slider down.
  • The map scene can be moved around within the map window by clicking and dragging within the map window or using the arrow icons in the upper left corner of the map.

To report a map error, please contact Tree Commission Chair Chuck Nicholson at