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Norris City Council


Monday, July 11, 2011







Patti Halsey wanted to put out a "thank you" to the Friends of the Library who purchased a flat screen TV for the library and the Public Works department for installing the TV. Also, Patti thanked her staff and the Friends of the Library for all their hard work on the Norris Day Book Sale, they raised over $1,000 the best year ever.


Loretta Painter stated that she was disappointed to find out that the city doesn't have an ordinance against putting flyers on cars parked on public property. She didn't like that flyers were put on cars during Norris Day.




1.   Council Members had a few corrections to make in the June 13, 2011 minutes. Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to accept the corrected Council Minutes. Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. Motion carried by voice vote.




2.   Watershed Board Vacancies - Joe Deatherage and Robin Sain were   nominated by Mayor Mitchell to be on the Watershed Board. Motion was seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson. No discussion. Motion carried by voice vote.


Council Member Joy Wilson wanted to give recognition to Jack Mitchell for the good job he has done with the Concerts on the Commons. And to the Recreation Commission for the great programs they provide to all our children during the summer.


Mayor Mitchell stated how great the concert and the fireworks were on Friday evening.


Grass cutting criteria for city right-of-ways, council Member Tommy Mariner rode around town with Shirley Walker, Director of Public Works, one day and they discussed the various reasons why they cut what they cut and his recommendation is to leave it alone. No motion made to move forward with this issue.




See attached reports.




Matt Zorvan asked why the Norris Service Station was not allowed to bid on replacing the engine on the Police car. City Manager Hester responded that the city was on a very tight budget and the city had a qualified employee who could do the work; therefore, no bid requests were put out. The city will continue to utilize the city workers to save the city money.


Matt Zorvan also asked who told the city that the Norris Service Station didn't do radiator repairs. The cities Durango need a new radiator back over Memorial Day. He feels it is wrong that the city didn't give them the opportunity to do the repair work.


Closing of the Local Planning Office. City Manager Hester said that they have a couple of options. Hire a staff planner, but we have no money for that; use a consulting service; use Anderson County Office, at what cost? Will have to see what develops over the next few months.


3.   Annexation Proposed Zoning. Andersonville Highway property. Ordinance 532. An ordinance amending the zoning map of the City of Norris, Tennessee by zoning newly annexed territory P-1; professional and civil district. A Public Hearing is scheduled for July 25th at 7:00pm. Discussion: Council Member Loy Johnson "good." No further discussion. Council Member Jack Black makes a motion on the first reading to pass Ordinance 532 amending the zoning of newly annexed territory to a P-1. Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. No discussion. Motion carried by voice vote.


4.       Council Member Tommy Mariner motioned to put Ordinance 532 on the agenda for the Public Hearing on July 25th at 6:00pm. Council Member Loy Johnson seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passes by voice vote. 


Mayor Mitchell asked that Ordinance 532 for second reading be added to the July 25th agenda.


5.       Ordinance 533 to change the zoning of Norris Health and Rehabilitation Center to a P-1 zoning, currently zoned C-2. Council Member Jack Black motioned to pass the first reading of Ordinance 533. Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson. No discussion. Motion passes. Mayor Mitchell asked to also add this Ordinance to the agenda on July 25th at 6:00pm. Council Member Tommy Mariner makes the motion. Motion seconded by Joy Wilson. No discussion. Motion passes.


Mayor Mitchell asked that Ordinance 533 be added to the agenda on July 25th for a second reading.


Mayor Mitchell would like to propose a new ordinance to zone tattooing, body piercing, etc under the same zoning as an Adult Bookstore, I-1 industrial zoning. Also he would like to include massage parlor and pawn shops. Floor was open for comments. Council supports the development of this ordinance. City Manager Hester suggesting working with MTAS for some model examples, he will try to have that ready for our next meeting. 


Due to schedule conflicts the August City Council meeting is rescheduled to August 22 at 7:00pm.


Mayor Mitchell has been talking with property owners about our next annexation.  The parcels that would be included in this annexation are residential properties bordering the Sain property at the end of Scruggs Cemetery Lane, and parcels along Cross Pike and Hwy 61 (on northern side of Hwy 61) to Joe Owens Rd. The Mayor has talked with all the people affected by this annexation. None of the property owners where surprised to hear about an annexation but none welcomed it either.


6.   Council member Joy Wilson motioned to have an annexation study conducted for both of the mentioned areas.  Motion seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. No discussion. Motion passes by a voice vote.


Mayor Mitchell's goal is to have the study and the Plan of Service at the planning meeting on August 1, ready for review by the next meeting on August 22.


Warning System: Council Member Tommy Mariner talked about the different types of systems that are out there. These systems can be linked to cell phones, email, texting, a lot of ways to help. The problem is these systems are quit expensive. One solution is a weather alert radio. They work well and are inexpensive. The city has applied for a FEMA grant. We should know something by late fall.


Other mentioned items, two street signs are missing Dairy Pond and Deer Ridge. They will be replaced. Is there a regulation that house numbers be visible by the street? Yes, the city has a regulation. They can be in a number of places but they still are to be visible from the road.  The recent burglaries in the city have many concerned. Three last week, Pine Place, Dairy Pond and Sawmill. Investigations by Public Safety are on going.


7.   Council Member Jack Black moved to adjourn. Seconded by Council Member Loy Johnson. Motion carried by voice vote.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.


























TO:                   Norris City Council

DATE:               July 11, 2011

FROM:              Tim Hester

RE:                   City Manager's Report


  1. 2010-11 Year to Date (Estimated through June) Budget.   YTD expenditures are in line with the budget, with the exception of legal expenses associated with the annexation of property along Highway 61.     The majority of revenues are on track to budget.


However, total revenue did project to be approximately $30,000 short of budget estimations due to misses in Local Option Sales Tax and Wholesale Beer Tax.  We have worked to mitigate this by limiting all spending through the end of the fiscal year to essential purchases only.   However, final numbers for 2010-11 will not be available for 45-60 days.  This is due primarily to June revenues from the State will not be fully accounted for until early August.  


  1. Grant Updates
    1. EECBG.    All contracted upgrades have been completed.  Public Works will complete various lighting upgrades in July to complete work on this grant.      
    2. TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant.   Work has been slowed by wet weather.   However, the forming and pouring work is continuing with drier weather conditions.   The project is now ~ 2/3 complete and is on target for completion in August. 
    3. LPRF Grant.  As noted at the last meeting, the State contract has been received.   An advertisement has been placed for bids for the playground equipment and bids are due mid-August   Once this occurs, a final budget for fencing, landscaping, and picnic tables can be completed.  
    4. FEMA Grants.   County funds for the fire truck have been received.  Final specifications are being reviewed.  Once this is done a contract can be signed.   Estimated lead-time on delivery of the truck is 6 months.


  1. Public Safety Ford Explorer.  The Watershed Board graciously agreed to fund the needed engine repairs.  Repairs are underway and should be completed within the next few days.


  1. Update on Potential Options for Planning Services.   Different options are being reviewed for continued planning and GIS resources following the closure of the State Local Planning Office.  Options under review include:

                                                               i.      Use of Consultant services

                                                             ii.      Use of new services as provided by the East Tennessee Development District

                                                            iii.      Use of existing services as provided by Anderson County

Review includes services needed and cost/service evaluations.   Once the review is complete, options will be reviewed with the Planning Commission and then submitted to Council for approval.


  1. McNeeley Building Air.     Museum front heat and air unit was not cooling.  Service evaluation revealed that the coils were rusted and the unit was not repairable.   Unit will be replaced at a cost of ~$3,000.


  1. Norris Commons Sign.   A special thank you to the Norris Lions Club, and especially Steve Painter, for their work on a new and improved sign for Norris Commons.  THANK YOU!!!!