Norris City Council


Monday February 14, 2011



George Miceli would like to make a proposal to council for the Recycling Commission action announcing "Pride of Place".  City Manager Hester will put on next month's agenda.  Ed McEleney supports this action. 

Debbie Whitson has concerns with the proposed play ground that is being look at in the ridge way area.  Her concerns are parking, No parking signs are abused, traffic flow during the food pantry drive, play ground being to close to the road, Camelot kids are being left alone to free the area and budgeting for this play ground.  City Manager Hester says there is a plan to make better parking.  Grant money is to being looked at for parking.  There will be additional information to come on play ground.  Recreation is meeting this Thursday night to discuss this further.  The plan will be to have a meeting March 3, 2011 at 7pm and March 14, 2011 Council will discuss information collected from the recreation committee. 

1.  Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to schedule a public input meeting on play ground near Ridgeway rd March 3, 2011 at 7pm.    Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.                                            


2.  Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to accept the Council Minutes from January 17, 2011 for the Council meeting as written with exception of the amended changes mentioned.    Seconded by Council Member Joy Wilson.  Motion carried by voice vote.


Package Store Ordinance 524, Second Reading.  Discussion was made to amend the Ordinance to two package stores in the City of Norris instead of one that was approved in the first reading. 

  3. Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to amend sections 8-211 and 8-213 of the Ordinance by making available two liquor stores instead of one, and to add a setback distance of 250 feet between liquor stores in the City.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black. 

  4. Council Member Jack Black makes an amendment to increase to 500 feet between to liquor stores.  Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Voting Aye: Tommy Mariner and Jack Black. Voting NO: Chris Mitchell and Joy Wilson.  Motion Fails.

Mr. Mitchell calls for a vote on the motion to amend out of 8-211 and 8-213 Ordinance by making available two liquor stores instead of one in the City, and to add a setback distance of 250 feet between liquor stores    Voting aye:  Jack Black, Tommy Mariner and Joy Wilson.  No:  Chris Mitchell.  Motion Passes. 

5.  Council Member Jack Black moves to approve the package Store Ordinance 524 on Second Reading.  Seconded by Council Member Tommy Mariner.  Aye:  Jack Black and Joy Wilson.  No: Chris Mitchell and Tommy Mariner.  Motion fails. 

Boards and Commission Vacancies are two in Tree Commission, two in Library and 2 in Norris Little Theatre.  Mr. Hester will advertise these positions.


Year to date expenditures are in line with the budget, with the exception of legal expenses associated with the annexation of property along Highway 61.  Revenues are on track thus far with State sales Tax tracking to budget.  97% of property and personal property taxes were collected through January. 

Local option Sales tax is currently tracking short of budget.  We reviewed the decline in Local Option Sales tax with the State Department of Revenue.  The State had discovered that a Norris home-based business that we had been receiving revenue from had relocated to Knoxville in 2007, and the City of Norris had continued to receive funds from its sales.  The State has adjusted for this back to July 1, 2010.  This means that the projected Local Option Sales Tax revenue will be short by approximately $10, 000 to budget.  This State adjustment will have no effect on prior fiscal years. 

EECBG update.  Projects are being prepared for bid.  Target date for completing the Grant funded projects is June 30, 2011. 

TEA-21 Sidewalk Grant update.  TDOT has approved BB Contracting for the project and work is slated to begin February 28, 2011. 

LPRF Grant update.  The city has received a Local Parks & Recreation Funds grant in the amount of $18,500.  Waiting for signed contract and return for State confirmation, this will take about four months.   More details will be discussed in March.

FEMA Grant.  City has been notified by Senator Alexander's office that we will be the recipient of two FEMA grants this year.  The first is a grant for $71, 250 to be used in conjunction with $218,000 earmarked from Anderson County towards the purchase of a new fire truck.  The required City match on this grant is $3,750.  The second grant is for $28, 516 towards the purchase of equipment, including a thermal imaging device.  The required City match on this second grant is $1,500.  More information to come. 

Request for Annexation.  City has received a request from Robert and Robin Sain to annex their property located at 169 Scruggs Cemetery Lane into the City.  An Annexation Study will be conducted with the help of the State Local Planning Office.  Once the feasibility of this has been examined, a Plan of Services will be developed. 

Annexation update.  An appeal was filed to the Court of Appeals, Eastern Division, Knoxville, TN.  This action does continue to delay the effective date of the recent Highway 61 annexation. 


Draft Ordinance to allow for partial payment of Property Taxes. 

Mayor Mitchell supports the concept.  Need to discuss timing.  Council stated they would like to revisit next year due to available funds.  City Manager Hester will bring back to council next year. 

City Manager Hester was requested to put an Ordinance in place to update purchasing card policy per the recommendation of the latest City Audit.   This Ordinance will update the existing City Purchasing Policy to include the use of Purchasing Cards. 

6.  Council Member Tommy Mariner makes a motion to pass Ordinance 525 purchasing procedures of the City of Norris on first reading in regard to the use of purchasing cards.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote. 

Scheduling for accepting Package Store Applications & Evaluations.  General discussion held and concluded that this needed to wait until the Package Store Ordinance has been adopted.

7.  Council Member Joy Wilson makes a motion to have a special called meeting February 28th 7pm for Developing Draft Ordinance to sale Liquor in Liquor stores.  Seconded by Council Member Jack Black.  Motion carried by voice vote. 

Joy Wilson mentions that she will not be able to make the Recreation committee meeting this Thursday February 17, 2011, but will communicate updates to the group via email.  

8.  Council Member Tommy Mariner moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Council Member Chris Mitchell.  Motion carried by voice vote.  9:15pm.