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Welcome to
Norris, Tennessee!
- A National Historic City - 

Picture by Keith Haverkamp

The City of Norris has been called a planned community, a model town, a garden city, and even a utopia. To its citizens, however, it is a woodland home, an oasis in the busy world of the surrounding Knoxville, Oak Ridge and Clinton communities.


The City of Norris enjoys all the necessary ingredients for comfortable living:

  • Great City government and City services

  • Tree lined streets and sidewalks

  • Outstanding in-town schools – elementary & middle

  • Full service community library

  • Norris-based community theater

  • Annual July 4th Norris Day celebration with evening fireworks

  • Summer-time free Concerts on the Commons

  • Quaint compact Town Center can boast of…

    • Large open grassy town commons for recreation

    • Large town pavilion for public and private events

    • Open air performance stage

    • Norris Museum

    • Numerous small businesses:  Grocery store, restaurants, post office, dental office, realty office, bank, banquet/catering facility, physical therapy center, beauty salon

  • Areas of Norris outside the town center can further boast of…

    • Churches for many faiths; civic clubs

    • Museum of Appalachia (affiliated with The Smithsonian Institute)

    • Lenoir Museum Cultural Complex

    • TVA labs

    • Numerous small businesses: Ice cream parlor, beauty solons, animal hospital, pharmacy, ethnic restaurants, craft beer brew pub; art/craft center, bed and breakfast, auto repair shops, storage facilities, nursery/florist, general store, senior living center, nursing home, music/clogging studio, tobacco shop, liquor store, light industry, physician offices, dentists, ophthalmologist, auction company.

Local recreation opportunities abound. Our 2,400 acre Norris Municipal Watershed which abuts the town border offers numerous trails for hiking, horseback riding, and biking. The Clinch River offers great trout fishing, and nearby Norris Lake offers a variety of fishing, boating and water sports activities. Norris Dam State Park encompasses over 4,000 acres of wooded landscape and abuts both sides of Norris Lake.


Explore our website for more detailed information on all of the above.


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NOTE: All Watershed Trails North of Clear Creek CLOSED to all but licensed shotgun and muzzleloader Deer Hunter lottery holders - Nov 20 thru 28, 2021

DRAFT COPY OF Ordinance 624 - Short Term Rentals



20 Chestnut Drive, Norris


 Archives Committee: No Meeting

 Planning Commission: 6:00 pm
     Oct 4...Monday

 Board of Zoning Appeals: 5:00 pm
     Oct 4...Monday

 Norris City Court: 6:00 pm
     No Court in Oct

 Norris City Council: 7:00 pm
     Oct 11.Monday

 Norris Water Commission: 5:00 pm
     Oct 18..Monday

 Animal Shelter Comm.: 7:00 pm..(Pavilion)
     Oct 18.Monday

 Norris Little Theatre: 7:00 pm
     Oct 18..Monday

 Norris Recreation Committee: 7:00 pm
     Oct 19..Tuesday

 Conservation/Recycle Comm.: 7:00 pm
     Oct 21 Thurs.

 Norris Watershed: 5:00 pm
     Oct 21..Thurs.

 Community Development Board: 6:00 pm
     Oct 28..Thurs.

 Norris Tree Commission: 5:30 pm
     Oct 25..Monday

Workshops and Public Hearings

  Recreation Workshop: 7:00pm, Oct 5..Tuesday

  Ordinance 623 Property Maintenance Admin
    Public Hearing  6:45 pm...Monday

  Planning Commission Standing Workshop:
     New Initiatives – 6-7pm, Oct 19..Tuesday

 Planning Workshop #5: 10a – 12p
     Oct 23..Saturday

Unless Otherwise Noted the meetings will be located at the City Office at 20 Chestnut Drive.
COVID-19 including the Delta Variant is in our community with very high infection rates including those whom are vaccinated. Attendance at all city meetings should be only that necessary to conduct important business. Persons with symptoms or known positive tests shall not attend. The safety of the public requires it.

The Public is invited.

Scott Hackler
Norris City Manager

R3 9-30-21


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